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NEW OUTLAW Performance Intake

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ok, i've held back on getting in this. i posted earlier that if you had questions to contact dylan. he's the one working with the guy that is building this thing. if this guy has great customer service, great. many other companies out there do also, but we don't allow free advertising to them. we don't make the rules guys, we just enforce them. to mearly mention that you are testing a new airbox for someone, that's fine. to offer a special deal to the guys on the site can't be done without admin approval, this isn't negotiable. come on guys, it's an airbox, it's not rocket science. there will be no more bickering on whether or not there is free advertising for this. i also put a stop to this when a certain progammer was being mentioned on a daily basis even when it wasn't an SS and yet refused to be a supporting vendor. this is why there is a vendor praise section. if you buy this airbox and want to share your info with everyone, share your praise there. you can put it in your sig or on the mod list for your truck, either way this has had way more free press than is going to be allowed.

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