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Depends on what matters to you.

2003-2004 are AWD, with the 8.6" 10 bolt rear, and rear disc brakes

2005 had RWD optional with the 9.5" 14 bolt rear, and rear drum brakes, otherwise the AWD was same as 2003-2004

2006 are RWD only with the 9.5" 14 bolt rear, and rear drum brakes, and the "HD" style hood and grille that some like

2007 "classics" are same as 2006 but not many made

Options vary across the board and the last couple years it was -somewhat- common to find one every now and then with cloth seats instead of leather; there's some pics here on the site and stories to confirm.

So pretty much your big choice is do you want AWD or RWD, then buy the cleanest example your budget will allow...


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easily swappable, but 05+ came with e fans. Also, 05+ sunroof was a factory option.  Not sure if any of those matter to you but worth noting if deciding between the AWD years. 

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