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I am the new owner of a 2003 SSS

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I recently bought a 2003 SSS 74,000 mi . I have been fixing little problems , but overall a very nice truck. One issue I have is my wife having trouble getting in with no side step. Does anyone know of a running board that will fit the Silverado SS? A retractable would be best to keep the clean lines but that might be to much to hope for. Any ideas I would appreciate.   

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That would have been my first choice , but because of the extra cladding on the SS they will not fit. That seems to be the problem with most boards, I have a set from I-Board in the box in my garage. They said they would fit but it is not even close without custom fabricated brackets. They even have a picture of them on a red SS in their ad  but it must be photoshopped . Now I have to ether sell them or pay about  $100 to ship them back.   

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 New 2004 Silverado SS.  Need to find running boards that fit. My Wife is short and can barely get in. Bought 2 sets from Amazon , sent both back re brackets not allowing correct fitment.  Any Help, Please.  Captain Red.

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