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Well I finally got my hands on a SSS! I've wanted one for a long time, but was a broke ass apprentice way back when they were new and I never made it happen until now.

It's an 05 and I bought it back in February with minor modifications. A protune,K&N drop in with the Air Raid MIT, Granatelli Motor Sports MAF, Helix TB Spacer, MSD 8mm wires, JBA Shortie headers, dual exhaust with Black Widow Race Venoms, the 4L65E has a shift kit installed, and it also has a Belltech 2 & 2 drop. For the exterior it's obviously sitting on Sierra All Terrain 20's (for now), has a Raider lo-rider box cover, a shaved tail gate, spyder tinted LED tail lights, some custom tint and a spray in box liner.

Although it's in overall decent condition being 13 years old this year and seeing a few Canadian winters in that time, the truck has seen better days. The speedo and cruise is not working, due to them both being out I tried a new VSS and that didn't correct the issue, so I likely need a new stepper motor for the speedo and we'll see what happens with the CC. The front bumper cover needs to be re-sprayed as the clear coat is peeling. The rear bumper cover is cracked on the RH side and is also missing the spare tire lock cover. It's running smooth and solid, but I want to get a new tune to check that all is as it should be and hopefully sort out some quirky trans issues, it just doesn't seem like it's shifting 100% as it should or when it should. I'll be replacing all of the rest of the fluids shortly. Currently I have a set of Belltech Street Performance shocks on the way, as the current shocks feel shot and they look like economy replacement shocks for normal ride height. Also, when purchasing the truck I saw no signs of fender rust. I'm very thorough when washing as far as getting in the fender wells and such, and literally after my 3rd wash since purchasing both rear fenders started to bubble in multiple spots. So I hope to correct that properly sooner than later, before any other major mods happen.

So far, I've installed new sparks plugs (NGK Laser Iridium), switched the engine oil over to Motul X-Clean oil and a Wix XP filter. It seemed like the previous owner just did lube shop oil changes with unknown oil and a Defender (FRAM economy shit) filter. I also had to replace the box cover latch, and replace the front bumper center grill as the old one was long gone and someone had previously installed a billet grill kit which was also long gone from every location except the bumper center. So there was a grill mix match going on.

I've always been a big GM guy, firstly due to being raised around them. I have my dad's old 1970 El Camino that sat tore apart for 25 years. I have high hopes of a major restoration, but it seems like it more worth my while to find one one better shape. So, currently that project is at a stand still since I brought it home a couple of years back. I've also been big into Subaru's over the last 10 years. I still currently own three Subaru's (+1 roller). Two older WRX Sport Wagons, one being my wifes daily (2002), the other being a full out track build with a full STi swap (2004), and the third being a heavily modified 07 Forester XT. I also own a 1999 GMC Sierra Classic SLE Z71 which I've had for twelve years. I wanted and OBS GM/Chev since I was a yound kid, so I was happy to get my hands on the final production year of the 1500's. Unfortunately I lost oil pressure in the old 5.7L Vortec at 353k km and it locked up on me. So currently, I'm finishing swapping in a 6.0L LQ4 and 4L65E originally out of an 03 Yukon XL. A friend already had this swap in his 1998 Sierra, so it's been a pretty straight forward install. The engine has a few upgrades. A mild street cam, ported oil pump, dual roller timing chain, upgrades push rods, dual titanium valve springs, and maybe a few other things that I may be forgetting at the moment. The 4l65E was recently rebuilt with some internal upgrades and I installed a B&M deep pan. The swap came with literally everything from rad to exhaust, so it will also be running modified hooker long tubes and full dual. I'm told it was previously putting down approx 410HP so it should be a nice/fun upgrade over the 260HP (rated) out of the stock 5.7L Vortec. I bought a FAST LSX-R 102mm Intake manifold (high rise truck model) with a nice billet 102mm TB (DBC), for that install. I haven't put it on yet as the plan was to run the truck as is for a bit after the swap and then change intake manifolds and get re-tuned. However now that I bought the SS I wondered if I should be using it on the LQ9 instead. Has anyone installed one of these on their SS?

Anyway, if all goes well I have some major plans for the SS once I get all of the current needs taken care of and have it back to my standards. I'm excited to modify and learn more about these trucks.




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Welcome to the site! Congrats on getting your SS!

Thank you! It's looking like many forums look these days, or at least the ones that also have facebook pages as well. A lot more activity on there, but I'm still finding a lot of great information on here already.


Congrats! Welcome to the money pit! :-)

Thanks! I'm certain the depth of the SS pit won't compare in size to that of my Subaru money pits and the toils of keeping turbocharged boxer engines from eating themselves hahaha!


Welcome. I just bought my SSS from Canada during Storm Violet. Got caught in that all the way home. Looks alot nicer with all the snow gone. lol

Thanks! I'm assuming you were up into Ontario to pick it up then? That must have been a lot of fun. Congrats on your purchase!

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Yup Ontario it was. The ride back sucked badly. The road back was just a one lane highway with nothing but forest and semis flying past you throwing snow at you. lol

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Nice find .....


I was reading somewhere the cruise control on silverado's gets done in from the wires being pinched on steering column below lever. The adjustable steer wheel and factory assembly cause wires to pinch and short out on frame. Try checking there

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