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Need some help, too low for me.

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Could always add a mini notch to the rear to alleviate the bottoming out also. Probly start with stock shackles in rear as there cheapest option. And likely easiest for you to do stock torsion keys and get stock spindles. Leave the lower a arms cause Id say it's easiest for alignment reasons. I got some stock keys in garage if you want try them just let me know and cover shipping and I'll throw them in mail. Hell I got some stock spindles on my truck we can swap too after try the keys. Glad to see new users finding this site and all the info it offers. Congrats on the sss btw!

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Thanks LilEZ, I'm going to get either stock shackles or a 1 inch lift shackle, new shocks all around and probably start with stock torsion keys in the front. From what Tony told me, I have DJM 3in drop lower control arms. I need to figure out how to tell if the spindles are drops or not, but Tony didn't seem to think so. Anyways I can't wait to really start driving this truck. I've been just cruising to work and work a couple of times.

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From the pictures you posted, I'm fairly certain your spindles are stock. Drop spindles have to relocate the axle center much higher in the casting. Yours look pretty much center of the casting, like stock.

For an example here's a drop spindle, see how high up the big hole is for the hub to attach, as well as the tie rod mount point, etc.



Now think about physically how this spindle would work with a drop control arm. It would hang down dangerously low, especially on a truck that is bound to have low profile tires. That's why most people don't run drop arms AND drop spindles. The usual combination using spindles is drop spindles and drop springs (on coil sprung trucks) or drop spindles and drop keys or cranked down torsion bars. Combinations using drop arms will use the stock spindle if they're smart.



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That makes sense. I may just find some stock keys or stock control arms. I'm thinking control arms because those are 3inch drops and all I really want is a 2inch drop all around. Or 1in lift torsion keys if those exist. (just thought about them, no idea) lol

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I know I haven't posted, been super busy lately. Got the new stock torsion arms and stock rear shackles installed along with the kit that Tony suggested I use. The new Belltech street kit and shock extension has made this truck feel so nice. I haven't had an opportunity to put some real weight in the back, but even just a 260lb fireplace made it feel even better by taking some of the bounce out of the rear. The truck doesn't bottom out anymore just cruising down the road. I'm super happy with how it's feeling now and it wasn't super expensive to get it fixed. If I would have wanted to go back to factory height, it would have been much more expensive. Thank you all, and Tony, you are the man! I really appreciate all of your help, going back and forth with me in emails and not giving up on giving me the knowledge I needed to get this truck usable. If I end up getting some real weight in the back and it bottoms out, I'll probably end up getting some air bag, helpers for the back. The kits are cheaper, easier and more simple than getting leaf springs done.

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On 7/29/2018 at 9:14 AM, EXGM said:


Looks good! You work at the rail head?

I'm sorry I didn't see your comment. I work at an optical lab, no rail head. I was parked at Costco when this picture was taken. 

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