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Project SSx

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Hey guys, this is my 2003 SS AWD with 400, 000KM on the clock. It was all original including the spark plugs!! Body had been touched up with bad bondo and spray paint and was full of dings/scratches so it was a perfect canvas for what I wanted to do...Since our winters are harsh here, a metal restoration would be temporary so I decided to go with Advanced Fiberglass Fenders. SS cladding took some trimming and welding but wasn't too bad. For the gas door, I bought the aftermarket one they recommended but it was a bit too small (6.5"), GM one was 7" and not factory looking but what actually fit perfectly was a mid 2000's Dodge Dakota door assembly (6.75") I also trimmed out the gas pod and installed the GM filler neck and spout so it looks OEM! The tail lamps needed a bit of trimming to fit along with some trimming on the fiberglass. Also needed to cut lots of fiberglass off to fit the tailgate. After that, fabed some brackets to support the fiberglass rocker area under the tail lights. My vision was a stock looking truck on roids. Installed 4" wheels spacers and running 35x12.5x20 at stock ride height. Ended up buying new Deegan 38 M/T's Just ordered Fox 2.0's for all four corners. Installed new brake lines A-Z, new hoses, calipers etc, next up will be upgrading the transmission and exhaust system. Hoping the new shocks smoothen out the ride as it is very harsh. I have the tires down to 30psi, also thinking of getting lift keys and then lowering it in attempts to soften up the front end. I just can't justify installing $20k prerunner suspension on it just yet.


​Truck gets allot of looks and compliments, the pictures don't do it justice. And the truck is much closer to EOM blue in the sunlight. These pics were taken near Dusk in October.sorry


seems my pics are too large to attach and I suck at photo uploading, here's a link to my album



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