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Need help troubleshooting my SSS overheating.

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Guys, my 2004 SSS just started to give me some problems. First, I don't daily her anymore and she stays in my garage during the week. After not turning her on for about 2.5 weeks, the optima yellow top lost charge. Upon jumping the truck w/ the wife's Tahoe, my AC started to stop working correctly. I'm not sure if the AC was the first indication that my HPM electric fans were about to go. My AC would randomly blow HOT air out of the driver side and that side ONLY. I figured out that if I turn my truck OFF and then back ON the AC would correct itself. A few days later, my wife was T-Boned and the accident totaled her ride. To top the bad luck off, while I was out of town working and my SSS' E-Fans decided to stop working. I live in Houston and need a good reputable performance shop to take my truck to. My fans aren't completely seized because I can spin them with a screw driver and they don't smell burnt up. I let my truck run, but my fans never run as they would usually run once the truck hits 160... I have them wired into the main harness and don't have a bypass switch. I've had them installed for 4yrs and bought them new. Any help is GREATLY Appreciated!

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More than likely the fans not coming on is just a relay or fuse issue and not the actual fans. As far as the AC blowing hot problem, thats probably one of the blend doors sticking and not working properly. My truck did that for about the last year or so that I owned it. Turn the truck off and back on and it would usually work correctly. I wasnt willing to tear the lower dash apart to replace the blend doors since I didnt drive the truck much.

Also, take the battery up to oreillys or something and have them throw it on the charger (make sure the dumbass knows to set the charger to AGM type battery). But if it sat for a couple of weeks and all you did was jump it off that battery is probably still pretty drained. The alternator on your truck isnt designed to charge a dead battery, its just there to keep a good battery charged up.

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