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.08 sec increase in 1/4 mile!

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“Mileage figures will be posted after I get a good hold on them.”


Any numbers yet?



I did the same thing with the 4” tube. I haven’t been able to get good highway numbers on mileage yet but at times it seemed better considering the hauling and offroading I was doing. Then I got caught in a storm so at a stop I checked the filter for being wet and it was. I continue on my trip to the desert and drove through several periods of blowing sand. When I got to the hotel I checked the filter and it didn’t look pretty. I drove around for a few days and didn’t notice any difference, but I kept worrying about it. So I broke down and paid an outrageous amount of $$$ for a K&N replacement.


After my job was done I filled up, drove back through the mountains, got stuck in Friday evening traffic, went to the store a few times and back to another job site on Monday. I got the best mileage ever. The next tank full seems to be doing just as good. Don’t know if it is the filter or the mod but I’m very happy with it.


Tune by PCM4Less on it’s way…….



“Do you have a stock filter or aftermarket?




After you get good MPG numbers on the stock filter are you planning to go with a K&N type?

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