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LS1/LS6 Bare block: 12561166
LQ4/LQ9 Bare block: 12572808
LS2 Bare block: 12602691
L92/LS3 Bare block: 12623967

LSA Bare block: 12623968

LS9 Bare block: 12623969
LS7 Bare block: 19213580
LS7 Bare block (solid main bulkheads): 25534427
C5R Bare block: 12480030
LSX Bare block: 19260093
LSX Bare block (tall deck): 19244059
LS6 Cylinder head assembly: 12564824
LS6 Cylinder head assembly (CNC-Ported): 88958665
LS6 Cylinder head assembly (Race CNC-Ported): 88958622
LS2 Cylinder head assembly: 12576063
LS2 Cylinder head assembly (CNC-Ported): 88958765
L76/L92 Cylinder head assembly: 12629064
L76/L92 Cylinder head assembly (CNC-Ported): 88958698

LS3 Cylinder head assembly: 12629063

LS3 Cylinder head assembly (CNC-Ported): 88958758
Gen III/IV Rocker arm assembly: 10214664
Gen IV Rocker arm assembly (intake side L76/L92/LS3): 12569167
97'-01' LS1 pair of head gaskets in a kit: 12498543
02'-04' LS1 pair of head gaskets in a kit: 12498544
97'-05' LS1/LS6 head gasket: 12589226
05' up LS2/L76 head gasket: 12589227
07' up LS3/L92 head gasket: 12610046
06' up LS7 head gasket: 12582179

Gen III/IV Cylinder head dowel: 12570326
98-04' Gen III SB head bolt kit (enough for one head): 12498545
04'-12' Gen III/IV SB head bolt kit (enough for one head): 17800568
LS1 cylinder head gasket and bolt kit (F-body 2002): 12499217
LS1/LS6 cylinder head gasket and bolt kit (2002-2004 Corvette): 12499218

Gen III/IV Cam retainer plate (tapered bolt style): 12589016

Gen III/IV Cam retainer plate bolts (tapered bolt style): 11561455
Gen III lifter kit (same as used in LS2/LS7): 12499225
Gen III Racing lifter kit: 88958689
Gen III/IV Lifter guide kit: 12595365

Gen III/IV lifter guide bolts: 12551163
Gen III camshaft installation kit (gaskets and crank bolt): 12499228

Gen III/IV camshaft sprocket (1x): 12576407

Gen IV camshaft sprocket (4x): 12586481

Gen III/IV camshaft sprocket bolts (3 bolt style): 12556127

Gen III/IV crankshaft sprocket (wet sump type): 12556582

Gen IV crankshaft sprocket (factory dry sump type): 12581278
Gen III/IV timing chain: 12646386

Gen III/IV timing cover gasket: 12633904

Gen III/IV water pump gasket: 12630223
Gen III/IV exhaust gasket: 12617944

Gen IV Intake Gasket set (truck style rectangle port): 19207929

Gen IV Intake Gasket set (car style rectangle port): 19256623

Gen III/IV Valve Cover Bolt (includes seal): 12577215

Gen III/IV Valve Cover Gasket: 12637683
L76 Intake manifold kit (car style): 12590123
LS3 Intake manifold kit (car style): 12638197
LSx Windage Tray for 3.75 stroke: 19244050
LSx Windage Tray for 4.00 stroke: 19244049
LSx Windage Tray for 4.125 stroke : 19202609
LSx Windage Tray for 4.200 stroke : 19244051
LS7 4.00 stroke crankshaft: 12611649
LSx 4.125" stroke crankshaft (4340 forging, 58x reluctor, 8 bolt flexplate flange): 19244018
LSx Crankshaft reclutor 24x: 12559353

Gen III/IV main bearing cap side bolts: 12556127

Gen III/IV Oil pump to block bolts: 11515758
Gen III High volume oil pump kit: 17801830
Gen III Exhaust header flanges: 12480130
2 Bar map to fit a Gen III: 12580698 which has been superseded to 12615136

3 bar map to fit a Gen IV: 12592525

Timing Cover Gen III style: 12561243

Timing Cover Gen IV style: 12633906

Timing Cover Gen IV style (with VVT): 12594939

Gen III/IV map sensor seal (orange): 16194007
LS7 Crate engine: 17802397
LS6 Valve spring kit: 12499224
Gen III bare block completion kit: 19153789

Engine block plug (small threaded plug for side of block): 11588949

Engine block plug (large threaded plug for side of block): 12561663

Engine block plug (white dumbell looking plug): 12573460
Mobil 1 oil cap: 12577268

Oil Pan gasket: 12612350

Oil Pan gasket (dry sump engines): 12612351

Oil Pan block off plate gasket: 12611384

Gen III/IV crankshaft balancer bolt (wet sump oil system): 12557840

Gen IV crankshaft balancer bolt (dry sump oil system): 11570163

Gen III/IV crankshaft keyway: 12561513

Gen III/IV crankshaft keyway (front key for crankshafts with key for balancer): 106751
Cometic 4.030" bore .040" thickness: H1295SP5040S

Melling oil pump: 10295 (recommended for stock stroke applications)

Melling oil pump: 10296 (recommended for 4" stroke and longer applications)

4.10 Gear set for 10 bolt 8.6": 12479056
4.10 Gear set for 14 bolt 9.5": 12471288
4.56 Gear set for 14 bolt 9.5": 12471289
4L80/85E Dipstick: 15183801
4L80/85E Dipstick tube: 15198439
4L80/85E Shift cable bracket at transmission: 15013290
Gen III/IV to Gen I/II transmission install kit. 19154766
4L60/65/70/80/85E Toque converter bolt: 11589040
8.6" Rear diff pinion seal: 26064028

Transfercase adapter gasket: 24245110

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I've had it posted in another area also, but this list is certainly important for finding numbers for a build. There isn't much there you need for doing a build. For any part number requests let me know and I'll see what I can do. On the same hand if one of you buy something and you are 100% sure on the part desired and part number being correct post it up in here.

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This has already been helpful. After you mentioned this a few days ago I went in search of it. Way easier to buy a 4.0 stroke windage tray. Thank you!!!

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