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'04 VHO Spark Plug Change

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I'm going to be changing the spark plugs (for my mother) on my father's 2004 GMC Sierra C1500 V.H.O.


It has the H.O. 6.0L, like the SS Silverado, & 110K on the clock.


Seems like I read something in the past about adding anti-seize to the threads on the new spark plugs. I guess since the heads are aluminum??


Just thought I'd ask before my "project" begins this weekend. I'm removing the throttle body & cleaning it up good too.



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it's always good to put some on the plug threads. also put some dielectric grease inside the plug boots. you don't need a lot. what i do is use a small tube and put a thin line from the bottom to the top of the boot, than roll the boot between my fingers, and it will spread it evenly in the boot..if your changing wires, do it on the coil plugs also. makes life easier next time their removed..


good luck

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