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'06 Vortec Vs. '07 Vmax

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There are a lot of differences.


For starters the block of the newer 6.0 is aluminum. It has displacement on demand and the new style rectangular port cylinder heads (L92).


I dont know the exact cam specs but I think the newer engine has a smaller cam. The new found power comes from the better flowing heads. It is also tuned to run on 87 octane rather than 91 from the factory, which means it leaves more on the table for a tune.


Both are stout, but if you have the choice I would get a newer one.

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Are you referring to the NNBS 07's or your "classic" 07?

The LQ9 6.0's are all identical from 03-06/07 Specs are 345hp at crank

The L76 6.0 that's in the 07 NNBS trucks are rated 367hp at the crank

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You must be talking about the differences on the engine covers or something. All SS engines are the same, stock. GMT-900 v-max are a whole other story.I *think* the 05+ covers says vortec max and the 03-04 covers says vortec 6000.

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