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I was guided to this forum by a coupe really cool SS guys at Sacramento Raceway today. BTW grats on your [email protected] runs guys :)


I recently installed an STS kit with the GT35 61mm-68mm .68 A/R and Meth injection form AlkyControl.


Overall i love this thing. It spools so quick I can't decide if it is lag I feel or the trans finishing a downshift. It's that fast. So the lag garbage some people talk about is just that, garbage.


I was not over impressed by my peak #s but considering I was only at about 275rwhp after changing my setup from N/A to turbo friendly I guess 436rwhp,479rwtq wasn't too bad for a 5.3L.


I am upgrading to a GT67 with a 96mm exhaust housing to see if I can make some more upper RPM power and will keep those interested updated if you like.


My dyno sheet. Funny how it is so flat. I have a 3500stall now thanks to the TQ and I pretty much have over 400rwhp from the time I mash it and hit full boost till 6700rpm. We started the run at 4000rpm or so to keep the truck from downshifting into 2nd.




Here is a clip of the truck before the turbo with my N/A cam.


N/A 5.3L Z71 Ext.Cab


Here is another in a tunnel after the turbo so you can hear what it sounds like. I love the sound!!!




Anyway, just thought I would give you guys some input on the system since they are still kinda new. :)

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