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.222/224 .566/.568 112Lsa

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Great cam, there are several here running it, but plan on doing injectors with the cam. You may also want to consider....e-fans, LT headers, and a 160* t-stat.



What stall is your TC rated at?

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stall is rated at about 3000. i was thinking of lt's but im not sure ive had some bad luck with headers before, they kept leaking like crazy.

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that cam is is pretty tame and should work good in a truck with a 3000-3200 stall and the long runner truck intake. It will be pretty easy on valve springs with the lower lift so you can run a lighter weight spring and get a tad more power and faster reving that way. The 112 might lose a tad on the bottom but with that intake duration i wouldn't worry, the 112 should also help keep the shift points in a great area. One thing i found with the smaller cam i had i was able to get into its power band faster and as crossed the finish line i was perfect in its power band, with the larger cams(more intake duration moves the peak higher) i find my self crossing the finish line below the rpm i need to and its costing me time. It should be easy to tune and very nice for a street cam with a little lope to it.


don't be affraid of headers leaking. I didn't like the stock gasket design but i've used a couple other brands like the OBX and Percy's seal-4-good and have never had a leak.


as far as headers go, i like the obx due to its bolt in design, stainless, and price. Dynatech is pretty much the same but with real cats and a better design on the number 5 pipe and darn near 3 times the cost. Pacesetter is a mild steel header that should be coated and needs custom exhaust work done. There are many more but i have no experiance or know anything good or bad about them.

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i've heard of a lot of guys using the 918's and i'm sure they would work. I'm leaning toward the PAC springs based on what my head guy tells me. When you order the cam you'll need to know what spring pressures it needs, with that info you can pick a spring that will give you the correct pressures on the seat and open.


Here are some other options depending on the spring pressure you need:


pretty much the same



a touch higher pressure but nitrided which is supposed to help with spring life



i doubt these would work but here they are


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thanks for the info man, 918 springs be good?


Alot of guys use the COMP 918's, PAC 1218's are good too, which is what I plan on using with my cam.....

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Personally I love my LPP headers but apparently they're pretty hard to come by now because they don't keep a huge stock of them. I'd also recommend pacesetters because I had a set of those on my 5.3 and had no problems at all but if you get them go with the coated ones for sure. Any exhaust shop can fab up something to keep your duals if that's what you're planning on but if you want a direct bolt in system I'd lean towards the dynatechs because of their awesome reputation. I've had my exhaust hacked up and redone so many times just to get what I like that it's hard for me to really recommend anything. Lol. I'm running a single 3.5'' setup now and I love it. Great choice on a cam though, that's the same cam I'm going to go with except for the lift. G/l man, keep us updated.

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awesome 918's it is, do these headers have a good rep.




or are arh or dynatech the top dogs.


I have OBX and had them coated when I got them. The OBX and Dynatechs are the same. When Dynatech came out with a re-design they sold the first patent to OBX. Dynatechs are great dont get me wrong, but for half the price....literally....OBX's are just as good.


Only downfall is they only have 2.5" collectors compared to Pacesetters 3". When I do my motor swap im going with a set of Pacsetters and have them coated for that reason.


As far as the gaskets go, I used the carbon ones that came with the OBX's. I know a lot said not to use them but I havnt had any trouble out of em. Keep in mind I have only put 6k on my truck in the two years I have owned it so I really havnt put them to the test. If it was my DD I def would use the metal OE gaskets as a replacement.


Also Zachs LPP setup is nice as well, definantly look into those too

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