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My truck: 04 SS

Engine size: Stock

Camshaft: Stock

Cylinder heads: Stock

Pullies: Stock

Intake system: Just k&n drop in Exhaust system: Edelbrock headers, Flowmaster 50 series

PCM modification: Stock

Tranny: Stock

Exterior:Astro bed tonnaeu

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Your truck:

2004 Onyx Black SS

engine size:

6.0 liter, stock



cylinder heads:


intake system:


Fuel System:

Petrol Stock

LPI-system with separate system per 4 cilinders

ignition system:


cooling system:


exhaust system:


PCM modification:

HPtuners (currenly only scanning)


Line-X Spray-in, Gaylords Speedsturr Lid, Shopman Bowtie, deeptinted windows, Trentz Billet Grille, Trailer Hitch thingie, Lund Headlight Covers


Nokia Carkit


future plans

- electric fans

- oil temperature sensor and gauge

- upgrading tranny

- Xenon Headlights

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my truck: 99 Silverado Z71 RCSB Black


engine size: 5.3 at the present time :(


camshaft: Comp 206/212 .515/.520 114


cylinder heads: stock


pullies: stock


intake system: New Style Volant with Ram Air


exhaust system: StainlessWorks LT Headers and Catted Y-Pipe, single in dual out Gibson Muffler


pcm modification: 02 PCM tuned by PCMforLess


other: 05 E-fans, 34" radiator, 160* SLP stat


Future plans: LQ9 6.0, 4L65E, lowered on Joe Gibbs 20's, blackened and debadged, Goodmark cowl hood, win lottery

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your truck: 2004 SS


engine size: 6.0L


camshaft: stock (deciding between lingenfelter GT 2-3 or GT - 7)


cylinder heads: stock


pullies: 2.9" on the blower


intake system: Radix @ 8.5 ish lbs., updated Volant with ram air scoop


exhaust system: JBA Stainless headers, Corsa Sport, everything in-between those two is stock.


fuel system: 42 lb. "Lightning" Injectors / SVO / green tops / whatever!, Walbro "radix" pump kit.


Ignition System: MSD 8.5mm HT leads (thats high tension leads because they are not F'n wires!) & Delco Plugs


cooling system: 05' E-fans, 160 LPE deg. T-stat, re-located heat exchanger with added cooling fan


transmission (second one): Trailblazer torque converter, Zippy shift kit :thumbs: , all clutches red alto, wider 2-4 band, hp clutch pak etc. etc. etc.


starting & charging: 145 amp Delco alternator


pcm modification: Thank you Zippy, you the man!


(if i forgot and eventualy remember i will edit)

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Billet servos / superior shift kit(zippy kit),

Trailblazer 2800 stall,b&m trans cooler,

Taylor plug wires,

Custom tunedPCM,

Outlaw CAI,

Magnaflow dual in/out,

05 e-fans,

160 T-stat,

Alumasport Baer brakes w/ stainless lines,

Gaylord speedsturr bed cover,

BSER roll pan w/hitch,

McGaughy 2-4 deluxe kit,

Motoforge 22's(22x10) powdercoated black

tog headers,

5000K philips h.i.d. kit,

hotchkis anti-sway bars ,

aeroforce interceptor gauge.


The others are in my sig!

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truck: 2003 First mod BLACK!


engine size:Stock




cylinder heads:Stock




intake system:Outlaw CAI


exhaust system:Magnaflow cat-back single out


pcm modification:Stock


Exterior: Extang Full tilt bed cover, piaa headlights, led 3rd brake light.


Interior: Clarion VRX935VD DVD/mp3 7" screen, jbl bp-1200 amp, alpine 12" type R custom fiberglass box(under seat) PS2 with wireless remotes.


ETA in 1/4: [email protected] 95 degrees with 100% humidity.. I think I have the slowest SS ever!!!

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keep em' coming, there is a ton of info for us mod challenged :D


your truck: 2003 Onyx Black, the only color :jester:


engine size: stock-6.0L


camshaft: 224/224 .563/.563 @112


cylinder heads: stock w/ Comp Cam 918 Springs


pullies: stock


intake system: stock intake w/ Modded stock air box and Ram air tube.


exhaust system: stock w/Corsa Sport Cat back


pcm modification: Zippy tune and AWD Dyno run!


160 Tstat

B&M Super cooler

Zippy shift kit

Trailblazer Torque Converter


All weather floor mats, they hold a lot of water :jester:

Mobil 1 oil cap and decal :crazy:


silveradoss.com sticker...just kidding, its going on the tool box



I look forward to changing/adding to these, it seems like a cam is a good power adder.


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true duals 40 series flowmasters



had a 24 hr slip on me leaving so i had an extra night here now i just get to read 2 weeks of posts when i finally get there

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My truck: 2001 Z71

Engine size: 418CI

Camshaft: 237/242 .595 .595 112lsa (solid roller 248/253 .648 .652 113lsa in the works)

Cylinder heads: DART LS1 205cc handported

Pullies: ASP crank, 160 stat

Intake system: Ebay heat shield, K&N Cone filter, AirAid MIT, SSR 90mm intake and 90mm tb soon......

Exhaust system: Dynatech headers ceramic coated, no cats, flowtech cutouts right off the collector, corsa sport

PCM modification: Nelson tune, HPT on the way

Tranny: fully built 65e, Fuddle 3400, 80e and 3800 soon.....

Power Adder:Nitrous Pro Flow nitrous system 300 shot

Exterior:18" American Racing Torque Thrusts, color matched, tool box, HIDs, clear corners, 03 taillights

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Zippy, Sorry I was so slow in posting here. I have only been a member since May '03. :D


Your truck:

2003 Victory Red SS

engine size:




cylinder heads:




intake system:

Radix, 2.75" Pulley, K and N drop in, stock air box, methanol/water injection

Fuel System:

Stock / Radix inline Pump

ignition system:

Stock ignition, NGK TR55's

Cooling system:

160 stat, Flex-a-lite 282 fans with PCM control and manual on switch

Exhaust system:

Magnaflow cat back rear exit

PCM modification:

my onging work in process with LC1 WB and EFILive


TransGo HD2 Shift kit, Vette Servo





BedRug, Gaylords X-2000 Speedsturr, Tinted Glass, 305/50/20 Goodyear Eagle



Mobil 1 , Dakota Digital Fuel Pressure, Boost and Interceptor Scan Gauges in A-Pillar Pod. AFR gauge connected to LC1 WB

G-Tech dash mount (60' 1.99, 0-60 4.9, 1/4 13.6 @ 6500' Elevation)



EFILive Custom 2 bar OS


I Love this Truck!

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your truck: 2003 Silverado SS Black with Electron Blue ghost flames

engine size: 408 ci.

4" Eagle crank

4.030 -5cc Wiesco custom pistons with C&A nitrous fit rings

Eagle rods with ARP 2000 bolts

Arp Main studs.


camshaft: comp cam's custom grind 238/242 605/610 114lsa


cylinder heads: AFR 225 72cc

ARP head studs


pullies: Stock


intake system: K&N FIPK

90mm Stock SSR intake manifold with vette 90mm throttle body, Marine 8.1 42lb injectors with dual intank 255 walbro's


exhaust system: Dynatech long tubes with ARP header studs, Magnaflow catback.


All cover bolts are stainless 12pt ARP


Flex-a-lite Electric fans controled by pcm.


NX single nozzle kit.


pcm modification: EFI Live with LC1


Suspesion: Beltech 2" lowering shackles with Beltech street shocks.


Wheels/Tires: Foose 20x9 Speedsters with BFG G-Force 305/50/20

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your truck: 2003 Silverado SS Arrival Blue

engine size: 408 ci.

camshaft: 236/238 601/605 113lsa

cylinder heads: C6 P&P stage 2 64cc

pullies: Stock

intake system: custom

exhaust system: TOG long tubes, Corsa

pcm modification: HP tuners (Zippy)

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Truck: Red 03 SS

Engine Size: stock

Camshaft: stock

Cylinder Heads: stock

Pullies: Stock

Cooling system: 160 stat; redline water wetter

Intake System: Radix; 2.8 pulley

Exhaust System: Dynatech SuperMaxx system; Corsa Sport

PCM Modification: yes; hptuners (zippy tune)

Suspension: Stock

Transmission: Transgo HD2 shift kit, corvette servo, billet servo, metal accumulator piston

Ignition System: MSD Plug Wires, NGK TR6 Plugs

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04 silverbirch vho


Engine size(stock lq9)


Intake(radix supercharger w/2.9 pulley) 8 to 9 boost?


transmission(yank sc3000 stall converter,billet servos,kevlar band,blue race clutches, boost valve)


pcm modification(ls1 edit)



cam (stock)


cylinder heads (stock)


exhaust (magnaflow catback)


factory electric cooling fans, 160 t-stat


440rwhp 513 rwtq last dyno

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Truck: Black 04

Engine Size: 4.8L Stocker not Shocker (yet...)

Camshaft: Stock have one tho

Cylinder Heads: Stock

Pullies: Stock

Cooling System: 160* Thermostat, LS1 Electric fans

Intake System: K&N

Exhaust System: ASM Headers, Twister Muffler

PCM Modification: PCM's for less tune.....for now

Suspension: Blltech 3/4

Transmission: Superior Shift Kit, Billet Servos, Boost Valve

Ignition System: Crane Cams Firewire with Accel plugs

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