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I used the 4 inch dryer tube concept. It worked awsome my installation is clean. :thumbs: The only thing I did diffently is I reinforced the hose clamps with heavy duty black duct tape, And the I sealed the scoop fitting in the bumper scoop with some calking. Looks really clean. I have noticed a nice increase at speed above 40 or so. I am not an engineer but I am sure there is a considerable amount of pressure in the air box at a speeds above 40. I am having a rubbing issue which I think can be cured with some zipties. :thumbs::cheers::flag:

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This thread never documents any data to show that these home-made single and dual inlet ram-air intakes provided any performance benefit. What is the verdict?


I have the Volant with the ram-air tube that rubs the tire and twists the right SSS silver scoop. The setup looked nothing like the model in TByrne's add at the time. The Volant alone actually lost power until I added the PCMforless tune. Then I added the ram-air tube. SOTP power felt more up to about 50 mph, but it gallops above 60 mph like the flow is irregular. I was pretty pissed when Chevy Hi Performance magazine actually showed that the stock box with a K&N peformed better on their supercharger project and that Volant suddenly had a larger box available with a larger filter. How convenient that they fixed the problem with their intake after they unloaded their defective stock.


So I am actually thinking of dumping the Volant, but want to maintain some type of ram air. The King Cobra Vararam looks like the worlds greatest hoax and appears to be VERY low quality form all that I have read. I have never heard of the "Outlaw" intake before and can't get on their website for some reason.


So a homemade ram-air setup with the stock box seems very attractive considering the CHP acticle.


Is it worth it?


Rick R

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So you are saying Volant sells a newer model of the box and tube for the SS?  If so since when?


This is old news, but I have been busy since my house got spanked by 2 direct hits from Hurricanes Frances (105mph sustained winds) and Jeanne (120mph sustained winds). I bought my Volant Box with Ram Air Tube in May/June of last year from TByrne. In July CHP magazine did an article that proved that that Volant Box lost power over the stock airbox with K&N drop-in filter in their Radix power adder project. The next article in CHP tested a newer larger box from Volant, which showed more power gain than the stock box.


Rick R

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