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Nice job!


From personal experience, you might consider adding a fine mesh screen at the inlets :thumbs: (otherwise you might find a lot of interesting stuff in your air box -- I used to find leaves, twigs, small pieces of litter, etc.)

nice, i was just about to head to the store :thumbs:

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I am in total admiration of this project. Looks great and am curious about the results.



Another suggestion that I'd be really curious about.. thermal stuff. With the nice cool air coming in, I wonder if some sort of thermal wrapping on the PVC and flex tubing would help. I have thought about replacing the factory flex intake by the butterfly with just a straight pipe and wrapping it with a thermal wrap. There is a LOT of heat splashing on that intake pipe, warming up the intake air that is leaving the filter box.



I'm not sure about the flex tubing or thermal questions you have.

I don't think the air would stay in contact with he material long enough to heat it up.

Just my $.02



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