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I been thinking about making a ram air system for my SS for a while. Last night I went and bought the supplies. Today I installed it. The reason I say " a new way" is that I did mine with 3" PVC pipe and connect it to both brake ducts.


Here are some pictures and I wil talk abou how I did it later.














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What a great idea! You did I good job on that install as well.


Just one question, do you think it was necessary to do a dual ram air, wouldn’t just the passenger side be efficient enough?


Either way, I like it… :thumbs:

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nice job vince. still waiting for good weather to do mine. have all the supplies at the office ready to go. going with alum flex tube for mine. not sure if i am going to run to the brake vents or just up front somewhere. possibly the center cut out.



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Ben, do you mind taking some snaps of your set up? I am considering doing this also.

Vince already has the pieces of my setup. If you take what he has for the pass side vent, then a flex dryer tube to the Volant (like he used), then a big clamp to attache to the Volant drop tube, you'd have it. Took about 30min.

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