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'04 SS Silverado KB or Magna Charger

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those are still pretty good numbers. Very comparable to the Escalade we did with the whipple and JBA headers and the ported blower coming in at 440 at the wheels. I need to get the dyno graphs from the truck posted up for you guys to check out. The owner called yesteday while I was at the shop and he now wants to do heads and cam. I think we can get over 500RWHP out of that Escalade with the heads and cam over the 440 we are at now.

LWRDR, I don't own an ATI, but I have tuned a lot of them. I am not bagging them in any way as they make great power. I just was noting that with their blow thru MAF setups they are more difficult to get the part throttle tuning right, but I've got some tricks in my bag for that :)



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Yeah i hear ya on that i was a little upset with how much work we had to do to tune that S/C up. But after it was all done i am very happy with the power it put out. All i have left now as far as major work in my eyes is the new tranny and the 100 shot i have sitting in my garage.



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WOW!! Very impressed with all the numbers and HP # I read this forums and I drull all over the keyboard. But I guess unless I sell one of my kids to a sweat shop somewhere in Asia I won't be able to afford it. :cry: Enjoy it guys. Who knows maybe I will win the LOTTO here soon I will keep you posted. :lol:





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Sorry i about that but in my opinion a well tuned ati procharger is the best on the market, and  yes i have more mods than i list.  Here is a list of just about all the mods i have a few not listed that a recently new.


PROCHARGER Supercharger/2 core Intercooler  (free of charge thanks to a good friend)

New fuel pump, injectors and fuel lines

Custom 4 inch Magnaflow exhaust

Superior Shift kit

Billet Servos

Radix 3” pulley

Volant Cold air induction

Meziere electric water pump-new

7mm Direct hits ignition-new

ASP underdrive pulley system

Custom tuned

80 mm throttle body-new

SLP Camshaft Kit, LS-1, 51011 Cam, Springs, Retainers, Locks- getting installed as we speak



I was questioning this guy last year about his claimed 540 HP. I was so caught up in the numbers that I didn't catch the goon's stated mod list.


Lets play the sesame street matching game. Which of these things belong together:


Procharger Supercharger

Radix 3" pulley

Volant Cold Air

ASP Underdrive pulleys

80mm Throttle body


Answer - none of them. Procharger with Radix pulley? Volant with a Procharger? ASP underdrive pulleys on any supercharger? No one makes an aftermarket TB for us.


He was probably a 12 year old just playing around on the net. Last login date was October.

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Judd over at Magnacharger swears that I will pick up 100-120 rear wheel horse power and the Kenne Bell Tech swears that I will have at least 480HP at the fly wheel.  SO COONNFFUUUSSSEEED!  My intention is to have this as a daily driver, I live in Southern California with the heat, I would love to run low 13's if possible.  My thoughts are LS1 Edit on the computer, Super Charged and Headers/Exhaust.  Any Thoughts?



I have a KB and have no problem's w/ heat. Right now I run 13.60's consistently on 6.5 lbs of boost, LT headers & exhaust.

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