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...saw you posted the same question on PerformanceTrucks.net as well ;) Between the two boards, you will get the answers you are looking for. :thumbs:

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LQ9 has aluminum heads also.

I did not know that. I've had my hood up several times, but have not even taken the side covers off. It just came out of warranty so I'll have to work on it myself now. :crackup:


wow you learn something new every day, thanks.

I remember my 96ss did not have alum heads... :chevy:

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I have always thought it was weird that gm put the lt1 in the imp ss's and used the iron heads, while the f-bodis and vettes got the aluminum heads. 


The cops and taxi drivers wanted it that way, at the time those customers believed long-term head gasket life between dissimilar metals was a serious problem, so GM continued to use iron block & heads until the remaining head gasket issues were later proven to be overcome. There were other factors as well, but by and large these customers were more than happy to sacrifice some weight and potential hp for durability.


Mr. P.

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