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Found 17 results

  1. I bought a 2004 Silverado SS 6.0 AWD LQ9 Stock all i had done to it was a good tune and a cold air intake and exhaust, Well long story short i got gapped by a Tundra, That same day i booked an appointment to a performance shop specializing in LS’s! It’s in the shop currently IM SUPER EXCITED LMK WHAT YOU GUYS THINK THE HP GAIN WILL BE!??? STRAIGHT N/A not sure what the hp is currently im guessing 320-340hp lmk you guys! It wont be ready till end of january ? well worth it though heres a list of whats getting done btw it has 120,000 miles will i be good? lmk ?CNC PORTED LS3 HEADS ?HEA
  2. Went to install a stage 2 BTR cam, springs and push rods and surprise! Anyone have an idea what this is already in there? The springs are double springs. The push rods look factory. I just have no idea what was done to the truck before i got it. It doesn't have alot of Lope, but it has headers, so I assumed that was the extent of what was done. Thanks
  3. Specs on vehicle are 2001 Sierra standard cab w/05 6.0L,4L80e,3800 circle d converter,e-fans,long tube headers, exhaust Want some good power and still be able to drive it in the weekend with no problems. Some upgrades I plan on doing are to run ethanol as a fuel source and tune. I need help choosing specs on cam. I’ve never swapped out factory cam with aftermarket cam so any advice suggestions help thank you
  4. Okay, so I have been doing a LOT of reading on this site and others in regard to engine performance, upgrades, power and drive-ability for my Silverado SS. Quite frankly there is SO much information it can be quite daunting and confusing for someone such as myself; as I am a do-it-yourselfer with little knowledge in what I am looking to do. So please bear with me. My truck is a 2003 Silverado SS with 62,000 miles. It is in near perfect condition, always well maintained and has been stored in a climate controlled garage for the last 5 years or so. I do NOT drive it everyday. The onl
  5. selling my cam from Texas speed in truck for 4000 miles spec are 224/228 581/588 114. Truck had a tvs2300 SC. selling price 250.00.
  6. Looking for a reputable shop who can perform a cam install and tune in the VA area. I've got a few feelers out but wanted to see if there are any specific to our trucks. Thanks
  7. hello noobie here mainly browse fullsizechevy but firgued this is the place to be for lq9 motor swap questions Im about to order a used lq9 out of a 07 classic to put in my 2000 1500 4wd my biggest concern is what cam, I never bought one before but have installed one for a friend only I have did some searching but still unsure here are my specs will be 07 classic stock lq9 im planning on using my intake and injectors off my 2000 5.3l, current mods are build tranny/ k&n COI / shorty headers/ with/ magnaflow ypipe/ and there coverters with a/ Flowmaster 50/ series turn down I have stock con
  8. I recently acquired an 03 Silverado SS 6.0 and Im lookin for some performance upgrades. Lookin for headers, fairly radical cam but still street worthy, and a true duals set up for starters. Any tips on the best places to look for parts to get more bang for your buck? my end game will be a comepletely rebuilt and forged SC motor. but Im just startin out at the moment. lol
  9. I have a recently ground cam (12/13/2013) that I am not going to use. It was ground by Advanced Inductions. Its ground on their their own lobes. I was told its milder than comps xer. better for the valvetrain. The specs are similar to the TSP228r 228/228 .605/.605 @112lsa It wont let me download the pics, so if your seriously interested in the cam, I can text or email the pics and data sheet. $350 shipped. also have my stock assembled 317 heads for sale, 350 shipped
  10. Looking to cam my silverado and was wondering whats for sale.
  11. I want to cam my 5.3L and I was wanting to do some FI down the line but if I am going to cam it I want one that would compliment the FI later down the line but still be great for a stock engine.
  12. i finished my cam swap and had my new coverter installed about three weeks ago, for the first week after i finished it, i couldnt drive the truck at all because it wouldnt idle and i was told its bad to drive without a tune with a cam. it took a week for my tuner (a local guy) just to get me a base tune so it would idle and be drivable. he always claims hes so busy. i didnt put my injectors in then because my adapters didnt come in. since then he has told me several times that he would get me a dyno day and a tune. everytime he has backed out on me, he never answers his phone, never calls me w
  13. Biggest and hardest decision of my life IMO. Sooooo many different options. My eyes have been recently opened to texas speed and I now see that they have cam packages. I was debating on what to get. I basically want to get a cam and suffice without a TC for awhile and be able to tow and have a DD. There is also the decision of dual valve springs which i don't necessarily understand.
  14. Hi fellas, I need some tips, info, and know how for my 2006 Sierra Denali build. I'm finally comfortable with my income that I'm going to start my build. I want to do a cam swap and get a tune. The cam that I want to use in made to spec for Lingenfelter by Comp. The cam specs are: LINGENFELTER GT11 HYD ROLLER CAMSHAFT 350-383-427 LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 215/231 .631/.644 118.0 CLThe actual webpage can be viewed at: http://www.lingenfelter.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=LPE&Product_Code=L210065297&Category_Code=C31#.USIlKo4TtaU Heres my deal. The page for t
  15. im pretty new here.. dont really post anything but use this site multiple times a day. anyways i need some 42lb injectors for when i do a cam swap in my vmax. im on a budget so help me out here guys!!
  16. like title says i am looking for a 90mm J-Tube for a M112 Radix, an LS2/3/7 90mm TB, and LS6 2002-2004 camshaft (NOT the early lower lift LS6 cam). please let me know if you have any of these things. emailing me or texting me is the best way to get ahold of me. [email protected] 954-647-8536 John
  17. Selling my 8.1 marine injectors (44 lb/hr Delphi) that came off my Magnuson112 kit i need these gone.they have around 20k miles on them. $ 275.00 Shipped to the lower United States. Accept paypal Or money order.
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