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  1. Im in north east Afghanistan, FOB Bostick - 101st Airborne. Ive heard a lot of good things about the strykers. Were rolling around in RG-31's and M-ATV's here. Not a whole lot of action now that its nice and cold up here in the mountains. Hopefully things pick up again this spring.

  2. haha, i forgot about this site...i traded the truck in november, same time i got out of the army. good luck dude, i was in Maiwand at FOB Ramrod until july of last year. We were on strykers and spent a lot of time on the road and sitting around the desert, what do they have you guys doing out there now?

  3. I'm in Kyrgyzstan. They dont use vowels here.

  4. hey is greenville tech pretty good for a tech school? im going to take some classes when i get up there thank you GI bill. I also here they have pretty good mountain biking around clemson and up in the hills.
  5. Hey guys whats up. I'll be moving to Greenville, SC in a few months and was wondering if anyone on the forum lives in the area? Just trying to get a little heads up on the area and maybe meet some new people. Jay
  6. yo whats your photobucket pw im trying to get some of those pics from pt. defiance.

  7. Its finally time to get rid of the beast....I get out of the army when I get back from afghanistan and will be taking a pay cut so its time to go. truck has been taken care of, regular oil changes and services. Located in South Carolina. I have put a lot of love in this truck and want to keep it but its got to go. I'll throw in a spare untuned pcm as well. $17,500 OBO 2004 AWD victory red SS. 96,xxx miles 20k miles on new transmission K&N FIPK Intake 22 inch KMC backseat wheels BRAND NEW Maxxis Marauder 305 tires dual flowmaster exhaust dumped behind the cab Line X spray in
  8. so i think im gonna sell it dude....

  9. my badges that finally got painted black...thanks to my wife. im still in afghanistan and she almost takes better care of my truck than i do.
  10. I've got just over 85000 and my oil pressure gauge and spedometer are both acting up....time to start looking for a new gauge cluster i guess.
  11. depends on your MOS, if your combat arms, probably not, ait is just like an extension of basic.
  12. 5 years in the army...19D cav scout....still stuck at fort lewis. going to afghanistan in a few months. al udied is hot as F*&K by the way.
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