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  1. Purchased from BSER about 10 years ago. Brand new. Never mounted or installed. Long ago I sold the truck but this remained in the garage for years. $350.00 + shipping. Here's a link to some pictures I posted on Facebook. https://m.facebook.com/groups/203463058291?view=permalink&id=10153999604103292&comment_id=10154003726268292&notif_t=group_comment&notif_id=1469669436378210&ref=m_notif
  2. SOLD....shed a tear as it drove off but happy the new owner is a truck enthusiast. On to new horizons.
  3. Since ive decided for sure to sell the truck this is the first extra thing i have laying around that im putting up for sale. Bought new maybe 5 years ago. Never painted, mounted or even mocked up. Do not have original box so local pickup preferred. I apologize for the crappy iPhone pic as well but everyone knows what they look like. If a buyer wants it shipped up to him to pay someone to package it or do it myself for free. 400.00 Plus shipping or local pick up. I'm in N California.
  4. How bout bump it's still for sale lol. 13K OBO. Put new ad in craigslist for up to date details. Thanks for looking. Please email me directly guys [email protected] http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/3440781521.html
  5. have a new one never installed.....comes unfinished in black gel.
  6. Great looking truck! Good luck with the sale. 
  7. sure can. tires are about 3 years or so. I made 8-10 runs way way back in 08 and 3 runs in 2010 before i got black flagged for an oil leak. A friend of mine also made 2 runs on his N/A reg cab with cam and bolt ons/converter and he clipped off a 1.82 60 ft on a 13.42 run. they have maybe whatever distance from sacramento raceway back to san jose is maybe 100 miles? ill have to go to my storage this weekend and take pictures which i gladly will do. best 60 foot time was like 1.96 or 1.97 i think....not great but coming from street tires and 4.56 gears they are miles better...with 4.10's o
  8. thanks it served me well for 5 years or so but ill pass on the trade.....actaully i wuold consider a trade plus cash for an 05-07 reg cab 4X4 5.3 with decent miles.
  9. couple oldies of mine and daryl's truck from WAY back in the day. mine looks the same but I can't speak for his as Ive lost touch with everyone.
  10. Ran these for maybe a dozen runs but none in the last couple years. Tires have less than 100 miles on them. Asking $175.00 for the pair. Shipping is on the buyer so local pickup would be best I think. Im in Northern California. 295X65X15's. These are about 30 inches tall. These will work on a stock brake setup both disc or drum if in stock form. Larger rotors probably wont work with these but they are real sticky and hook nicely.
  11. Been a looonnnnnnggggg time for me on this site but time has come for this to go to a new home.....Has 62K on the odometer now. Good overall condition, not mint but good. Top of the bedrails and inside of bed are worn, paint/body is good otherwise. Interior is good minus driver seat needs repair. This has been my commuter truck (YUCK) for the past couple years. Truck has pretty extensive list of suspension and bolt on mods. Feel free to search my name for old posts to see some pictures....It hasnt changed one bit in the last 3 years though. Im in Northern California and would li
  12. looks like a nice project. maybe a 4.8 with a 5 speed is in order?
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