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  1. Brand new only on truck for 2 weeks! Decided that these were too much for family vehicle. Put stock exhaust back on. These are 1550 new. This is a basically brand new set with all the hardware included. 1000.00 plus shipping. Firm
  2. Using 5200lb race weight, and trap speed of 124, you are making 775whp give or take a few.
  3. I have everything as well. 200 plus shipping.
  4. My cam was 226/230 .598/.604. No problems on my lq9. The only way to know for sure is to check your ptv clearance. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  5. That code has to be turned off (not reported) on some trucks. Your 3200 stall is definitely the culprit. Don't worry you should be just fine when you get your tune. You did mention the stall converter, right ;).
  6. Your stock tb will work with an adaptor plate. Your other questions I can't help with, sorry. I didn't see mention of injectors, you will need some.
  7. Headers, CAI, 2nd servo, transgo (optional but like crisp shifts), decent exhaust, and 93 tune. I always think it's best if you can find a local tuner. That way he can ride with you and log your truck, see what it's doing, and make adjustments. May pick up a few extra ponys that way. But, that's not to take away from any of the tuners on this board. I know zippy does too notch work and a pretty stock truck is easy to get running damn near perfect even without logging it. Congrats on your purchase.
  8. I had slight fitment issues with ARH, the slip fit joint wasn't slip fit at all. The ARH piece was about 0.015 thousandths too big. Not a big deal just die grinder and flap wheel. You're right though, no way they should be off that far for the money you spent! They do look really good though!
  9. Awful lot of typing, to be "not worth your time". I've never steered anybody here wrong either. Not really sure what running Gear has to do with anything in this thread. But yeah I run a cycle or two every now and then. So sue me. 2bfast had a good one on me in that thread. I thought it was funny too. The back and fourth bickering doesn't help anything. The guy you go back and fourth with seems to be building a nice truck. Times have changed, what you might consider cutting corners, other do not, cause these are 8-15k trucks now. Very few people are gonna blow 30k on go fast parts fo
  10. What did you expect? Got people on here (mid12secss) that spend more time bashing others than working on their own truck. Like mid 12s are even fast? Bunch of transmission builders on this site. I've said it countless times on here, it's not the parts that makes a transmission "built". It's the builder.... It's all in the setup. I was roasted on here early on for stating just that, but it looks like I was right all along.
  11. Efi should read the pcm no problem even with a tune. There's a couple different ways pcm can be locked, but if you downloaded it, then opened the file you should be fine. Who made the changes to your tune? You? If you want me to look at it, I'll be happy to look and see.
  12. You can buy an autocal, if your tuner uses EFI live. If not that route, I strongly recommend a tune in person. Your tuner needs to be able to log your truck and make adjustments accordingly. Really it's the only correct way to do it.
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