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  1. Yeah I think we can work something out splitting the brackets and bumper as above. That kind of worked out for both of you, I wouldn't have split the brackets otherwise. Busy as hell today, will look at shipping and get back ASAP.
  2. I have for sale an OEM '06 / '07 Classic grill shell as well as an OEM SS Bumper Cover for '03 - '07 Classics. Both pieces are painted Onyx Black. Prefer pickup, I'm in Frederick MD, but we may be able to work out shipping if buyer is willing to pay. '06 / '07 Classic SS Grill Shell - $275 + Shipping or Local Pickup Perfect condition, only on the truck for a bit over a year. Purchased new from GM direct. This was originally posted as a cash + part swap, but I've got a normal grill since then so it's a straight up sale at this time. Part is off the truck and ready to go.. SS B
  3. $600 + Trade.. Really hate to have to trade these with the truck. You can't beat this deal. I'll take Paypal if you want to use credit.
  4. Believe me, I hate to get rid of it in the worst way. Don't really have a choice though at the moment. Hood is spoken for. Grill will be for sale without trade soon. Guy who is buying the hood is going to give me his '04 grill straight up as part of the deal with no trade. Price on wheels lowered to $800 obo plus trade
  5. Can work on the price.. Hate to trade the truck in with these still on it. Shoot me some reasonable offers.
  6. Funny you should say that http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50801
  7. Ok, I've listed all of this before.. Well minus the grill shell.. and haven't receieved much response. In any case, I'm getting rid of the truck next week and this stuff has got to go by this weekend. All painted pieces are Onyx Black. Going to be pickup only I think due to reasons listed below, I'm located in Frederick MD... '06 / '07 Classic SS Grill Shell - $300 + Shipping or Local Pickup Perfect condition, only on the truck for a bit over a year. This was originally posted as a cash + part swap, but I've got a normal grill now so it's a straight up sale. Best shot of it is full on fro
  8. Have some 22" KMY Clydes for sale with Nitto 420S in the 305-40-22 variety. Getting rid of the truck next week and would hate to see those go with it to the dealer. Wheels are in pretty much perfect condition, no scrapes on rash of any kind and they have been regularly polished. About two years old. Tires have a ton of wear left, used about 35 - 40% of useable tread. ONE of the fronts has some extended inner wear due to an alignment issue but other than that they are copasetic. I'm looking for $800 OBO plus I'll need a set, any set, of 17" or larger wheels with tires in trade. OEM, afterm
  9. Bump.. Cant believe nobody wants the SS front. These things usually sell quick.
  10. Everything but the SS Bumper and Hood have been sold. Also, to answer the above question, I'm not willing to part out the Bumper. Going to have to apologise to everyone that was interested in the suspension parts. Shipping on them was rediculous and wouldn't have been too beneficial to anyway after that. Squadfiredog met up with me today and picked them up local-ish.
  11. Yeah, that's what I wanted to do and requested - jet engine mechanics aka. Aerospace Propulsion. I'm not too familiar with the sub-sections you mentioned, but will definately keep that in mind - thanks. I'm not going to be at all dependant on pay while in basic. Going to have money in the bank going in to cover 3 or 4 months of truck payments and insurance, plus a storage unit for my many household items. I'm actually not opposed to going to Afghan or Iraq at this point, especially because I know how much money will be waiting in my bank account when I get back In any case, I'm not going in f
  12. Will get you a quote next week once they are off the truck. I've posted a few overall truck pic threads - do a search by my username. I'd find for ya but am in a big hurry right now. Edit: Forgot part two of your question - They do not require shims, Belltech engineered the pinion angle correction into the leafs. Responded Want to pay off a few things before I go in. Probably end up bagging it when I get out. Don't mind you asking at all. BMT is still 6.5 weeks right now until, I think, November - then it's 8.5 weeks. I'm going in as a Aerospace Propul
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