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  1. 03 black ss 76k, $14,900 i live in Austin, Tx
  2. 03 black ss stock 76k $14,900.
  3. I have my 03 ss black for sale, i am in Austin TX, you can check out my page there are pics there. or send me your email and I will send pics to you.
  4. Austin, Tx I will be willing to drive a couple hundred miles or so if that helps at all. Thanks,
  5. Well I dont want to sell my ss but I have too. My ss is a 2003 black with 73,600k, it has never spent a night outside. Just had new plugs and wires and brakes put on, it is has no door dings at all the only chips on her is on the hood, only a couple at the very front. the inside is in like new condition and so is the outside. Feel free to call me at 512-576-5931 anytime, or email [email protected] with any questions. Justin Major
  6. I am about to but a set of obx headers and was woundering what kind of power gains i should get from them.
  7. if you still got them i will buy them now!
  8. yes you can do it yourself. it is only 3 wires just make sure the breaker is turned off, go to www.grainger.com and look for the motor that is the same or very close to yours and the same rotation. you will save alot of money doing it youself!
  9. it could be to things. 1) the fan motor is out most ac guys will tell you it is around $300-$500 to fix but you can pull the motor and replace it with a motor from Granger not sure of the web site but do a search and should be able to find one for around $80-$120 but you need to get the info off the old motor the rpm, hp, amps and if it is clockwise or counter clock and but the motor that matches up. 2) or it could be the run capacitor it is a it is silver a looks like a coke can, it it looks like a can that is about to bust than that is what it is. it will say something on the side like
  10. I own a Air Conditioning service company, before you spend alot of money to get it fixed tell me what is going on with it. It could be a simple fix that you could do youself. and i am looking for 22's let me know if I could be any help. my website is www.cedarparkac.com
  11. my ss is a black 03 with 73k i will sell it for $15,500
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