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  1. improper turn is what i was cited with. its sucks i know it was my fault i just want to somehow see if i can manage to get no points bc the insurance is gonna kill me.
  2. im up at college last night n im drivin to my friends house, didnt realize this street was a one way street ( back home there are none and i didnt see a sign)and i went to turn left from the right lane into his driveway...even had my turn signal on. the guy who was behind me got into the left lane as i started to turn and hit the side of my truck. cop came and gave me a ticket and yelled at the guy for not having his license. anyways the bed from behind the wheel to the tail light is smashed and it cut the rim and the tire so anyone know something i might be able to do or say to get no p
  3. what mile road is the murrays by? and what time is everyone goin out there?
  4. if anyones around ill prolly be out there friday night too, theres cars out there every night this week
  5. any of you guys go out to woodward last night or friday? i seen a red ss last night n was wondering if it was someone here. btw it was awesome last night so many cars and ppl full out runnin them down the road
  6. hey if you guys are up for a non ss truck cruising with you im up for going
  7. need cladding, preferably blk. already have the tailgate spoiler just need the rest
  8. im putting on my ss rear cover and the tube that you lower the spare through seems like its different on the ss does anyone know if it is and what the part number is for it?
  9. looking for the part number for the clips that hold on the top pad on the rear bumper cover.
  10. i dont but my buddy does, how much are you looking to get it for?
  11. im looking to get some ss cladding for my truck, perferably black.
  12. how about we round them all up today and ship them back.
  13. thats f'd up. we should shoot her n go to the funeral holding signs saying thank god for dead cunts
  14. got some 06 chevy tails with the red border, they were on my friends truck for about 3 months n have been sitting in my room ever since. Like brand new no scratches looking to get 100obo sold but i still have some black textured fender flares for 100 02 gmc stock tails for 40 obo chrome mirror caps 25 obo
  15. are the extreme ground effects for an extended cab? and whats the price shipped to 48066
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