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  1. I took this car in a trade and just don't have any interest in keeping it. It runs and drives good, has newer coil-overs ( rides a little stiff) Has wunderbug '37 ford fiberglass front end. Needs starter solenoid I will try and change it one of these days. (have to turn key couple of times to get it to turn over sometimes) Lots of extras including car cover, extra bumpers, extra nerf bars, manuals, misc. stuff in a box. Chrome flames in pics are not on car. These are pics from guy I got it from. I will try to get some more. Will consider trades for newer low milage daily driver.
  2. 89k miles $9k current bid
  3. Welcome A few more WI members now than a few years ago.
  4. Bump for a very well done truck. (even though I haven't seen it in a while)
  5. Figures. I guess I should check here more often. How did it go?
  6. The NBS were waay too easy so they made the NNBS more difficult.
  7. He will answer, but it may take him awhile if he is busy. I think he is doing a group tune in IL this weekend so he may be on the road now.
  8. 17.76 it took a couple tries to get it right. I am done now.
  9. I have used them 3 times and they did work great for me. Although WI is the only state that it is illegal to buy/sell in. I had to go to IL to buy it. Also if your system is low/empty there is a leak. Quick cans may not do much about sealing a leak, but make a temporary fix.
  10. All the posters on the first page have a member # less than 50. and Mervz is the only name I recognize
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