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  1. What about putting a t-stat in the 06SSTB. a guy said that there is no need to change it out on these motors because the gauge may read 210 but is actually 185-195. Is this correct? And wouldnt it benefit from one anyway?
  2. I found out that the SS TB has the same converter as the regular TB, what this does with the 6.0 LS2 and stall speed im not sure?
  3. Can anyone find out the stall speed on the TBSS W/ the SS? thannks
  4. Question. Is the 2006 SS TB converter the same as the I6 converters. Just wondering if the new LS2 powered TB already have a slight tc in them from the factory and you could put a small cam (tr224?) without switching the tc?thanks
  5. From what ive been reading the LSA is lobe seperation angle, the differenc between the 112/114 i understand is idle quality and pwr thru the rpm range. the 112 will have more lope and more pwr in the mid range, where the 114 will idle a little smoother and have a little broader pwr range. I hope this is correct, anyone else want to add. Im not knowledgable enough to explain the whole lsa thing with valve timing so someone else has to add on that. Hope this helps!
  6. sounds great! what else is done to the truck? How does it run, any drivability issues? alot of prople said to go with the 224 on a 114, yours is a 112, where does the power come on at? new springs, lifters, rockers?? thanks
  7. easy , just trying to gain a little knowledge, besides i already got hazed on the other post.
  8. well i dont feel so bad now, i kind of figured that was the case on the common question, gotta blame myself on that one ive been doing some poking around and found a lot of the answers already. thanks for the hazing though. its all fun
  9. so am I missing something? just asked a couple of simple questions because im excited to start adding power to my truck when it comes in. I did find the answers to most of the questions. A stock SSS should run somewhere between 14.8-15.2 Beginning mods that most people do are, exhaust,cai,pcm tune,tq conv.,etc. My short term goal is to run in the 13s with bolt ons and a few other mods not costing a lot. so i figured there a few people around this site that started where i did and had experience and could give some advice. Or is it once you get a ton of posts you can start laughing at ne
  10. Cold air intake, 160 tstat,and pcm tune, how much will that improve performance? can i add other mods after the tune such as cam and rockers and exhaust without a retune? Brian at pcm4less sounds like a good guy or zippy? Ilive in MI so any help would be great? thanks, mike
  11. Just to let you guys know I have an 05 2WD SS, and I love it. This thing will rip out of the hole and keep traction on wet pavement, due to the traction control. The good thing about the traction control. I CAN TURN IT OFF!!! Also I was torn between the AWD and 2WD until I felt how much better the 2wd handled, and also I get about 5 more mile to the gallon!!! My SS is fully loaded to include a sun roof, and the AWD was not. The reason for saying that is the AWD was still over 3 grand more than mine. I've only had my for a little over a month and I've fell in love with it. I plan to put
  12. well, the LS2 has more compression and a bigger cam to start with. they also rate them based on the vehicle and the corvette for example has a much better designed air intake system with a very nicely built dual exhaust. there are many little things that put the LS2 up to 400hp and aside from the compression and cam, it's just that, all the little things. the LQ9 could match the power though with ease. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ive been asking around a little bit and am wondering what mods would be best to bump up the LQ9. I heard the heads arent bad but a cam upgrade w/springs and t
  13. , Deezel is in solid 13s with a few mods and cold-fusion nitrous. I should be too with my kit but I just haven't ran on a track yet. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> N20 IS AWESOME but i want to hit the 13s with out a poweradder.
  14. I guess the reason i posted the question was to find out why the LS2 6.0 had 400hp and theLQ9 had 345hp and maybe some of the parts could intercange? From what ive heard the LQ9 heads andLS6 heads are the same type w/ different size combustion chambers. is this correct????? what would be a good way to get to over 400hp out of the LQ9??? cam,tune,exhaust??? Are the heads that are on it preety decent? any help would be great thanks
  15. Does anybody know all the differences between the LQ9 & LS2? CAM, HEADS, TUNING, ETC.
  16. Well I got a good laugh at work and being new to this site. Those toyotas are very gay looking, something a girl should be driving. Maybe you should drive it in the rain and let the water wxpand the rice into a full size real truck, oh but wait a minute the it would really be slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sorry thanks for tryin out
  17. I KNOW THIS IS A COMMON QUESTION but what are the best and biggest bang for the buck mods to do? I just ordered my 06 SSS and already want to mod it as soon as it gets here. What should i expect it to run in the 1320? and what would i need to get in to the 13s with out spending a ton of cash? THANKS MIKE
  18. WELL, what did it run??????????????? Also is a 160 thermastat to low for the truck? I remeber somewhre on ls1 and 5.0 the lower tstat made it run to rich/ If its tuned will ity compensate and make use of the xtra fuel? i always thought leaner is meaner? thanks
  19. thanks, very excited!!!!!!!!! whats the best mods and bang for the buck? I dont want any problems with those hemis and maybe even the lightnings. thanks
  20. Hello to all Ive been reading the site for a while and finally decided to order one! Just ordered the 06 SSS in silverbirch. cant wait! I was going to get the new SS trailblazer but went with the SSS instead, I will be towing my race car with it as well. Anyways, great site and happy to aboard.
  21. SWEET TRUCK! how long did it take from time of order until delivery? i just ordered mine at my dealership today. do the 06 have traction control?
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