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  1. I got this code in the mourning while starting my truck....and its all weird.. First the truck ses light comes on and message boards says reduced power... my truck starts but rough idleing but not to bad then it dies and so i start it 2 or 3 times then it stays on..... I did try to erase it but immediatley comes back on..... Been told to clean the TBody and check the TAC module connector and check the TPS throttle postion sensor... Anyone here had this problem and fixed this themselves? Thanks
  2. A question bout the AC circuit.... Which wire do i splice my AC wire to ? Also where do i do it at under the fuse box? Because the wire i got it to doesnt leave it on just quick bursts at a time... I thought this stays on when i hit the button thanks
  3. Yup i already did that...anythiing else i could try? this sucks got those replaced and the next day it came on again .. could this be a wiring problem i wonder if they changed out the harness also i should ask when i bring it in this week...
  4. My SES light came on and wondering (P0332 low circuit) what causes this code to come on? I went to the dealer and replaced it and they said they rarely get this code...So when i got my truck back it was fine until later that day it came on again its under warranty so im going back but would like some info knock sensors? I recently put in my Efans and thats when the light should up so i dont know if it part of wiring but i doubt it? also some other tech said it could just be running lean due to a fuel pump not above spec or fuel filter dirty? But the knock sensor says low input what doe
  5. so the one i need is the 4.2l is this the V6 model #24228708 ive got a 01 so this is the right # i got.... Thanks
  6. Im fixing to get this TB convertor and i wanted to make sure this part # i found is the right one #24228708 and going to order it if this is the right one....... we should be getting it from which trailblazer model? thanks
  7. Hows it going guys, iv'e noticed that there is a quite a bit of SS here that are charged up and i was wondering if you could share where you purchased it if yall don't mind. <sites or stores etc.> Rome
  8. I have set of 22' Akuza Rims for sale and probably have 6000 miles on it - 2 summers. Name of the rim Akuza Bounce look on Akuza.com asking 2400.00. pm if interested
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