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  1. Question I have a pulley 3.0. for my Radix Does the Nut side of the pulley go towards the superchager or does it go out facing the grill?
  2. Absolutely! ! ! This thing pulls like a LOCOMOTIVE! ! ! Any speed any RPM... Also has allot deeper tone, not louder just deeper. I've run about 50 freeway miles, light acceleration (no kick down), just pulls... The JBAs' are good, but nothing like this! Brotha Ben was right! It won't be welded till the weekend, and the permanent version of the clip will be coated. Some-kind of heavy rubber or spray-in bed liner material(?)... WW <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok then F$#% it I'm going to get some SuperMaxx, it's just money $$$$
  3. You need to find a dealer that will help you out. Over here is AZ, there was dealer that was installing the Whipple on the Silverado's for about 2years evertime something would happend " everything was put under GM warranty" They had 5 trucks come back with the number # 7 piston gone. everyone got a new rebuilt engine under GM warranty. It's up to the dealer look around
  4. Nice JOB!!!! So you can tell it makes more power and sound much better then the JBA?
  5. Did you get the brackets from Magnacharger " Direct " or from a dealer?
  6. I 2nd that on Pacesetter. They are here local and I have a buddy that works for them and he does warranty replacement on there parts the quailty is POOR...
  7. i had the 3.0' and the stock belt and it made alot of noise. I could not find any part number from here to buy other belt so I just remove the pulley and put back the stock one. Anyone have part numbers for the 3.0' pulley belt?
  8. That's sweet ..I did not have the cash to get before the GP was over...
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