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  1. tahoe341, Where did you get this info? Are there any other changes you did not mention?
  2. Krambo, What is GMA? What other mods have you done to achieve these good times?
  3. What is the diffence in the LQ4 and LQ9 engines? I have heard that the LQ9 (H.O.) has a little more compression but is that the only difference in the two to gain the additional 45 hp?
  4. Richard, Is there a link on the web that shows the 24 hour test drive $500 incentive? I will call my dealer tomorrow.
  5. Dave, Do you feel like the air-bypass valve is the problem? You mentioned driver induced. What could you have done differently? The air-bypass valve technology is new to me and I understand the theory but it seems to cause zero boost situations when you actually want it under full throttle sometimes? Please let us know what you find out.
  6. Does anyone know of a dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth-Texas area that can or is certified to intall superchargers on GM products? When I buy an SS it has to have a supercharger on it but I would like for someone else to do the installation.
  7. I know I am jumping the gun but does anyone know what changes are in the future for the 2004 Silverado SS? Performance upgrades? I will be looking to buy one in the September-October time frame and would like to know what is around the corner for the SS. When do the new year models usually start showing up?
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