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  1. I have an 03, AWD, Arrival Blue in Canton, Ohio... and could save you a few bucks under your $25K mark....
  2. Post your results with AutoTrader, I'm curious to see how it works for you. I was offered $18,200 on a trade for mine and I have 60,000 miles. I am not willing to accept that number and no way would I take $15K, that is just absurd.
  3. The rear pads are ceramic from the factory. I feel $202 was very high, but then again a decent set of ceramic pads cost me $40 and about 30 minutes to change. I think my 30 minutes was well worth saving the $162 difference. The dealer told me that the pads cost them $100, I don't believe that though...
  4. Ron's SS

    I'm lost

    I am in the same boat as you. The payment limits the mods, but then again, what are you gonna buy that will be a suitable replacement? That is my dilemna. There is nothing in my mind that offers the look and the performance of the SSS. I mean my truck can be dirty as hell, and I still get compliments... that is worth a little extra in the payment in my world. Oh and from what I understand, a tune alone will make the truck behave and drive entirely differently. Either way, good luck with the truck.
  5. Thanks again for the info. I had no problem pulling the brakes off and replacing the pads. No extra tools needed. One thing, every thread I read talks about the need for a T55 to get the calipers off, but my caliper bolts were 12 mm, not torx. Just thought I would toss that out there. Again thanks for the response, your help was much appreciated. Ron
  6. Barney, Thanks for the info. This little tool we are talking about is foreign to me? Is this something I could possibly rent from AutoZone or something. I know I don't own it and don't want to tear off the brakes tonight and not be able to install the new pads. I NEVER use my parking brake, but did put it on this weekend when I jacked the truck up. I don't have a second vehicle so am trying to determine if I need this tool. Thanks for the info again, Ron
  7. Hi everyone, I rotated my tires this weekend to find my rear brakes are pretty well shot. So the local dealer just quoted me $202 for new pads. WOW. That was just new pads, nothing involving rotors. So now that I am going to do the work myself I have a few questions... 1. Are the rear brake calipers on a 2003 SS , twin piston. I hope so cause those are the pads I just bought. 2. Is there some tool need to disengage the parking brake? I read something about a screw in type system, and the post I was reading never clarified if the SS had this setup. 3. Are there any other suprises I am
  8. No problem, glad I could help. I investigated trading in my 2003 yesterday and they offered me $18,500. They then followed up by telling me they could seel it for around $22,000. I currently have 60,000 miles on the dot. Just thought I would post my recent findings.
  9. I am considering letting mine go. 2003 Arrival blue, just turned 60,000 miles. Basically stock as seen in sig. I am the second owner of the truck and take very good care of it with servicing, etc. It also has 2 years or 35K miles left on the extended warranty, for what it's worth. It has covered the steering shaft replacement, new wheel bearings, etc. PM me if you would like and we can talk price. Thanks, Ron
  10. I have the Taylor Thundervolts. I did plugs and wires at the same time and the only noticeable difference was a bit better throttle response. Technically you could free up a few ponies with the lower resistance wires, but I doubt it does much of anything. But for around $60 with plugs and wires, why not...
  11. Just thought I would throw this out there. The most recent truck I saw for sale was a black, 2003 with 62K mile. Nothing aftermarket that I could tell and they were asking $22,000. Figured I would throw that out there for you. Good luck with selling the truck.
  12. Well last summer the glass suddenly had a crack down the center, which I have not yet replaced. Now that the heater quit, maybe time to resolve the issue. Could you tell me where you bought the glass from, directly from GM? or did you get an aftermarket piece of glass. Thanks
  13. Hey everyone, Noticed on the drive in today that the passenger side heated mirror is no longer getting hot. The signals work, I haven't checked if the fold-away feature is working, but the heat definitely is not. Could there be a dedicated fuse for the passenger heater. I was browsing through the manual realizing there are a million fuses in this truck so I thought I would start here. Has anyone has had this problem, could it be a fuse, or did my mirror crap out on me? Any advise is appreciated. Ron
  14. Sadly, mine won't be around to long. I am not keeping it for the third front diff rebuild. Time to go, makes me sad to get rid of it though!
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