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  1. I do agree with the wiz, I'd keep the awd if it were me.
  2. If your buying a trans anyway, I would buy the 80, bought mine with low low miles for $850, and if you can fab just a little, you can build your own crossmember and do the wiring cheap. I turned around and sold my 65 for 750 in a day after the swap. So I was out $100 on the trans, the price of fluid, filter, shift kit (I installed myself), rear yoke, u-joint, dipstick and a few odd n ends bolts. Don't think I spent more than about 500 bucks all said and done. My $.02. You will need a near rear shaft for the AWD/2WD conversion as well.
  3. I get about 10 MPG with this setup if I'm trying to be concervative with the right foot. It's easy to get carried away though and I find it pulls well, but obviously could use helper bags out back... Soon! These pics were without a motor in the car, but sits about the same since the motor went back in, as I usually don't load the car so far forward. (2006 2WD SSS, Stock LQ4, TVS1900, LT's, 4L80E, 3.73)
  4. Thought the Colorado and the silverado had different lug patterns.... shoot me a pm with price
  5. How much to sell them out right, no trade?
  6. I say do it. I love my SS but it's not extremely rare. There is a local Reg Cab 1/2 ton GMT800 that did the swap. He races it often and dials in at a repeatable 12.XX..... or maybe it's 11.XX, can't remember now. It's been much faster. He said it was not the easiest or cheapest project, but it came out sick and is a deffinate head turner with the hood popped.
  7. Could he cut out the logo and sew it into the new upholstry? Might widen your options.
  8. All differences are appearance. Spoiler, badges, headrests and silver inserts in the grille.
  9. How is that? Keys don't affect spring rate.
  10. You can drop the front a little over an inch on the stock keys. That's what I have. 1.5" front 2" rear
  11. I'll take the blame, congrats! After looking at theother pics, I'm kinda regretting not getting the reflexxion hood. It looks alotbetter on those trucks than I thought, damnit
  12. If I wasn't in a hurry, that would be my exact plan, been thinking about that since I bought my truck. It'll look sick, but not dated. Don't think it'll be had to do either, esp if you've got a donor hood to get the front edge from!
  13. Thanks for the input guys, I decided to stick with the 06 front for couple of reasons. For one, I just couldn't bring myself to put the older style front on my truck, silly I know, but I just couldn't see me debating with someone one day on what year it was, lol. The Ins. company agreed to put all GM parts on the truck. I knew that a new GM Hood would be the best money could buy. But, ultimately, it maintains a bit of a sleeperish look with the stock hood on it, and I do like that part. Anyway, in the end, I think a cowled 05 looks best, but just not right for this truck.
  14. Update: Good news all around (given the situatuion). GM has agreed to match all the prices of the aftermarket pieces I was quoted. New GM hood, GM grille, GM bumper cover and crash bar, GM everything. Insurance company didn't even bat an eye at replacing the Magnacharger heat exchanger. They are paying to paint my air ducts and bowtie just as they were, I guess she'll be good as new. Planning to have all her little imperfections touched up while in there as well. Hopefully this will be lemonade when all is said and done!
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