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  1. It's very possible that I still have that throttle body laying around... maybe collecting dust under my tool box... it's amazing how much you forget in 10 years when youre old...
  2. hah! yep... that's the one! wow... a decade ago, and still no better way of making that happen, bah I see you are rocking that setup.... any issues?
  3. do you have a link to either of the write ups? was wondering how to tackle the 3 up to 4 bolt pattern.... I know a very long time ago there was a post on someone having done it using a "J" bolt, looked kinda iffy though...
  4. Brand new, never wired or plugged in, only removed from package and "mock" mounted, re-boxed and ready to sell. Retails for $247.95 asking $200.00 Shipped (within reason).. http://www.autometer.com/2-1-16-boost-vac-30-in-hg-15-psi-fse-am-muscle.html​
  5. Sure do miss this ole' buddy... 2004 Silverado SS 6.0L / AWD - Magnuson MP112 @ 12 lbs. - Lingenfelter GT 2-3 Cam - Corsa Sport Exhaust - Volant CAI w/ Scoop - 05 E Fans - Trailblazer Converter - Zippy Shift Kit and a ton of other hi-po trans bits - MSD Leads - Lots of broken trans pieces & belt tensioners - AutoMeter Cobalt C2 Gauges - JL Amp & Stealth Box - Pioneer Premier Head & DVD
  6. Not an SS.... but it is AWD and a tad over 6 Liters so... 2012 Yukon Denali 6.2L / AWD - Magnuson TVS1900 @ 5 lbs. - Volant CAI - Taylor Leads - AeroForce Interceptor Gauge - Barracuda Module To Do: - CK375s - Corsa Exhaust & Escalade Dual Tip Rear Bumper - Pulley down to 8-10 lbs. - Wilwood Kits Front & Rear - Some Solid Kick Ass Tuning!
  7. FuelSlut


    was yer ass!
  8. Sorry, this is my correct login. Disregard the previous post. $500 Thursday if you're interested
  9. pics soon... everytime i get home and have a second of free time, its dark out... sundays free for me, so i should have a good chance to take some nice pictures...
  10. no problem, ill have em up tomorrow night
  11. im doin alright Joe, hows aboot yourself? so far so good with this trans, knock on wood... cant wait till it gets a bit nicer out here eh? lord knows how long this weather will stay tho... we got it uber late in the season, it may be around a while... i heard april 7th for milan????? either way, were gonna have to go cruise sometime this summer for sure
  12. Literally 3.5 Hours riding time on it, brand new, loaded, a friggin beast... Getting rid of it because I have a better use for the money in mind. Anyone honestly interrested lemmie know and i will get some pictures out.
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