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  1. Truck is SOLD!!! It's new home will be in Texas. Thanks for the kind words and compliments everyone
  2. I have the lower step pad if you're interested. Just shoot me an offer and it's yours.
  3. I can have it shipped to you For $12k, I'd pay the shipping
  4. Bump... A lot of people are concerned with the cost of shipping, so to help out, I'lll sell it for $12k shipped to anywhere in the continental 48 States.
  5. X3 on the cyber grey, but I'm kind of partial to the color anyways ;)
  6. Forgot to mention, truck also has a brand new (less than 1k miles) GM fuel pump assembly installed.
  7. What rear gears do you have? Going from 3.73's to 4.10's will make a huge difference in stop light to stop light racing...
  8. Thanks guys! I figured the price was more than fair and affordable enough for someone to buy. I've loved owning/driving this truck since new, but at this point, I'd rather have the money to upgrade the motor in my Chevelle to get it to run 7.60's. I already have a few offers on the table, so I'm sure it'll be gone before the end of the week...
  9. Here's your chance to own a truck that GM should have made. Everything on this truck was built using OEM parts, except for the cab corner cladding as GM never made a regular cab SS. The cab corners were professionally built cutting, stretching, and molding 2 OEM pieces together into 1. Basically, I built the entire truck the way I felt GM should have made it. Here's some more info about the truck: Original Owner CLEAN TITTLE Factory 5.3 motor, Auto, PW, PDL, Cruise, TILT, Dual Power Leather Seats, CD, A/C blows ICE COLD. Factory Silverbirch Metalic Color Full OEM SS front and rear bump
  10. Thanks guys! Truck is dropped 2/4 with 295/45 Toyo tires. I placed an ad on racingjunk.com, so we'll see if I get any interest.
  11. Detailed my truck yesterday and figured I'd post some pics. Been thinking about selling it to put the funds towards the new 598" motor for my Chevelle, but I haven't set anything in stone yet. I love driving this truck and have owned it since new. Anyways, here's a few pics...
  12. I changed out my original in my 04 earlier this year. It still worked perfectly, but I was going on a trip and I didn't want to risk it going out while out of town. I replaced it with another Delco.
  13. Well the OEM Silver Wheels are now discontinued (they still make the chrome ones), so I'm guessing that the silver center caps will be the next to go. Might be worth getting an extra if you can, just in case they stop making them.
  14. I'll look at my paperwork in the morning. I just bought one a month ago from the dealer. Even with my discount, I still paid right around $95 or so.
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