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  1. Here is something everyone will like Wish it came in black but nope. Cant bitch though, after all it was free
  2. Yea I'm still working with him. He as a triple bank Matco. Not yet I have to take everything out of my old box this weekend. I have probably $100k invested in my tools. I have some tools that are new that I have not even used yet. Yes I do this for a living. I know $20k for a box is crazy but I'm actually only spending $10k. Between my trade in, the rebates and what he actually sold it to me for its not a bad deal. there really is no equal to a Snap-On box. I owned a Craftsman Pro series box before the Matco box. The Craftsman slides on the drawers started coming apart, The slides on
  3. Snap-On Epic series, its freaking huge. Traded in my old Matco box
  4. Looks good. I see you live in Cutler Bay. I grew up there when it was Cutler Ridge, yeup I was a Ridge Rat. lol Went thru Andrew. Lived right on Caribbean BLVD between Marlin and Gulfstreem. When I come down (hopefully in a few weeks) we can get together and even get some pics with Jason.
  5. Yea lesson learned. as for upgrading to a D1, I had a D1. When I bought the new head unit, I bought it thru http://brutespeed.com/, he sponsors the local Club I work with here in Jax http://www.rivercityperformance.com/forum/ he had the best price and easy to work with. Yea I thought about the intercooler, it stopped what looked like the majority of the pieces. I cleaned it out and used my bore scope to inspect it and I also pressure checked it. If anything went thru the engine I wouldn't know it sounds great plus I have my 408 getting built.
  6. Nice work. love the paint. Once I get the mechanics done I want to do some paint work on the interior.
  7. I had the head unit and it needed an new oil slinger and output shaft. I found this place and just ordered the parts and rebuilt it (Procharger will not sell parts). I had some tranny issues and tore it down to fix it so I pulled the head unit ( had a bearing noise and I knew the impeller needed to be replaced). So I sent it to them for a rebuild. The owner said he never seen one do that. He did say send it back.
  8. Not that I have seen yet. I am going to go with the Green belt once I get the tune straightened out and get some run time. No it is a custom system from http://www.houseofboost.com/store/ I didn't like the bracket setup Procharger offered. Why put the head unit on the drivers side where there is limited room, when you have all kinds of space on the passenger side and the stock air box which gets tossed anyways. I came across this place looking around and found them. The bracket was made for the TBSS. I called them and was going to buy the bracket setup for my truck. I told them what I
  9. Well I had my head unit F-up on me. So I sent it out to a place called Superchargerrebuilds.com and had it gone thru. I did some other upgrades (posted picks in the build thread). Had it all together and was pulling out of my shop. I got on it and the truck made a "noise" and shut down. when I checked it this is what I found- And yea that was a new impeller. I ended up buy a new D1 head unit. I need to send it back they are suppose to "do something"
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