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  1. Thanks Rick, should be lowered by summer OEM Escalade Tail lights & Appliques...
  2. Whats up Brian! it has been a long time. We`re doin alright over here... family went through some pretty tragic crap a couple years ago but we`re gettin through it. I'll text ya about it if you still have the same number. Too much to type here. Can you believe I just went to High School orientation for my oldest... holy crap that made me feel old... how things change!
  3. No Sir its a surprisingly peppy car...lol it also has 245's up front, and 275's in the rear lol
  4. This was my uncles truck for many years, then it was my dads after that. My dad no longer has a use for it so he said to sell it. It's a factory 454 truck, towing mirrors, power brakes, power steering, a/c, cruise, pretty much fully loaded in 1975. Has some rust on the front of the hood, but it is not a rust bucket. Runs great, good condition original interior. Last year for Smog Exemption in CA. $3500 obo (707)249-071seven (call or text)
  5. Thank you, still have some plans for it. Picked up some oem folding steps, escalade tail lights...just need your blower now the bad luck worked out, the front bumper had some rock chips prior...now its nice and perfect. Insurance covered the repairs, my bodyshop covered my deductable Thank ya the 22's were nice, I like the 24's a lil better Thanks Thank ya
  6. figured it was about time to post a build thread... haven't had an SSS in about 5-6 years. Oct.`12 Out with the old and in with the new... Our '05 started acting up so the wife and I headed out to look at an Audi Q7, and a MZB GL550 we found online... turns out one is too small, and the other is just too overpriced. Especially since we don't keep our vehicles very long. After a trouble free 50k miles in only 2 years, it developed an electrical demon and we opted to get a new Yukon XL SLT! We love it, just thought I'd share. I swapped my Esky 22's w/ GMC caps, Limo'd the windows and
  7. NOW...time to buy a new wakeboard boat! You know what I'm sayin... get your motor'boatin on!
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