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  1. I can't find it. Got a link and or pics?
  2. mbpsychoSS Does it replace the stock pillar cover or does it go on top of it? Did the color match or do you have to paint it? Thanks
  3. BenKey Most guys on the forum are after horse power, got a few loud stereo buffs but I’m the nerdy RF guy. I have a transmitter that when I key up the florescent lights on the gas station overhang light up when they are off. If the humidity is low enough I’ll get sparks 6” long coming off the tip of the antenna. Alarms, water sprinklers garage door openers motion light you name I wreck havoc with it. Is there some one you don’t like with a pace maker………. To power this I have a separate 300 amp alternator with external rectifiers and regulator. I use welding cable to route the power to
  4. Anybody have anything to say about the Autometer pillar gauge cluster? I want to get the triple mount with the AMP Volts, AMP Current & AMP Temperature. Not really into LEDs but the only ones I could find that go past 200 amps.
  5. "have you guys seen MPG decreases with the lower operating temp?" Yes. My around town milage really couldn't tell much difference. But on Highway trips I noticed a significant drop in milage. I put the stock thermostat back in since I average 1000 miles a week.
  6. This is a 2 way radio system, not a stereo. Ears will be ok but the sperm count is kind of low........
  7. Update. I had the coax cable coming from the center of the roof and back to the driver’s side rear column. It was right next to the rear window defroster. I pulled it out and ran in down the plastic more towards the door jam and it seemed to help. Before @ 600 watts the engine would die like the ignition was cut off. It would come right back on unless I keyed up for several seconds then I would have to restart. Real fun going down the highway. Now starting at about 1200 watts the engine stutters but doesn’t cut off. In fact I can go all the way to high and it does the same thing. S
  8. Any Mr. Goodwrenches out there know of a service bulletin or something about radio interfering with operation of truck. Seems when I crank up my radio (2 way not stereo) past 600 watts the engine stops. It’s not the alternator pulling it down, it’s RF from the ant getting into something. All of the gauges drop to the left for a second. One time I caught “Battery not charging” on the DIC. The amplifier has it own separate electrical system that is not tied into the stock system. It’s hard showing restraint keeping down the watts. It’s like horsepower, just got to show it off sometimes.
  9. Skip Talker


    When you remove the clutch fan, do use put the same bolts back in to hold the pulley on? Or is it different from that? Haven't looked that closely? Anybody have a complete kit yet?
  10. Skip Talker


    I want to get an amp meter gauge that reads 150 to 300 amps. I saw one referenced on the SW website but couldn’t find it. Any one know of someone who makes one? I want to get it and a voltmeter and put it in a pillar pod. I know that this size amp meter will require an external shunt. Thanks
  11. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8443 Check out the above post. I don’t drive as much highway as I did back then so my average mileage has dropped off a little. My results were: Exhaust ~ +1.5 MPG Home Depot Ram Air ~ +1 MPG PCM4Less tune <+1MPG 160 thermostat -1~2 MPG 20+ MPG on long trips is not uncommon. When I refuel on the road the DIC has given a range of over 500 miles. Once I was in no hurry and locked the cruise control on 60 MPH and the DIC indicated over 22 MPG but who wants to drive that slow. Regarding the 160 thermostat, I left i
  12. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8053 Step 11 not done on my install...........
  13. Just put the Hypertech 160 in. Guage indicates about 185 now.
  14. OK, wait till your honey is about to fall asleep on a dark road. Fold the mirrors in and turn on your flashers. The LEDs are bright enough to scare the sh&*t out of her.
  15. Zippy, Are those part numbers the same for any V8 with E-fans? What about the Escalades, do you know if they are the same? I'm thinking about stalking the junk yards. 2005's should be coming in soon...........
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