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  1. If they could come up with a real intercooler system it could outperform the Radix. Less heat and better efficiency. Their major problem was lack of support for GM applications and crap for customer service. My buddy has been working on a 2.6L KB on a show Corvette and has been pulling his hair out because of the lack of R&D on KBs part so he has basically had to do all of it.
  2. F8L Z71

    Racing Old School

    Yeah, Mark bought it and started doing the bags and bought the Timeless-6s for it. Back in the day my original wheels were the shit. But as with most wheels they got played out lol. Back then 17x11s were like
  3. F8L Z71

    Racing Old School

    dude...J did you work at APS for like ever! back in the day? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For like 10yrs lol I didnt drive that truck to work often though. Uusally there was the white Mustang GT or my old orange crummy '72 Chevelle lol
  4. I didnt hear about the 1psi gain thing and I cannot check mine because my damn boost gauge doesnt work :/ I'll definately reply back with all the data gained on the tune and what kind of #s it puts out and then obviously a vigorous track thrashing will be in order ;) As of right now I am still hitting about 101-102mph when its hot out like last night and my 60's were crap all night long with none being better than 2.19 so I'll be sure to elaborate on what we did to help defeat the Burst KR and timing issues down low that is giving me this crazy bog. I just hope this new converter does its
  5. Im not totally sure because I have yet to tune for it. I just slapped it on and have been waiting for shop time to get my truck in to retune and finish my original tune lol. Mainly its idle adjustments and playing with timing form what i have read. Is tuning ever really that simple? lol I'll look into that other gauge. Maybe I can sell my lame ass Cobalt boost guage (not currently working) and get the Aeroforce unit.
  6. Makani, Im going out there tonight to mess around but I dont expect any great times since its so hot. Zippy, I dont have any equipment to log my runs so I have no clue whats going on other than AFR or fuel pressure.
  7. F8L Z71

    Racing Old School

    GNs are so badass! I sold my old SS to a buddy of mine who is on this forum now, or least lurks here. He also has an 03 or 04 SS
  8. F8L Z71

    Racing Old School

    Im am very aware of the racing scene for fullsize trucks back then. In '93 I bought my first truck, a '90 454SS I ddi LTs, exhaust, k&N and a Jet 6-stage chip (remember those?) LOL because there didnt seem to to be much going on with racing in my area I ended up going show The truck ran 14.7s
  9. Nah, Im selling the RCSB and with the results Im seeing with the Radix I'll probably end up selling the STS. I cant afford to go fast anymore so mid 12s (on half the boost) will be just fine for me.
  10. Long story short I was gonna put the STS on a fully built 6.0L in my RCSB and try for a solid mid 10sec truck. I built the 5.3L in the Z71 for N/A duty but ran across a great deal on the Radix and decided to toy with it and see what it could do with my high compression engine. So far its doing great. Im in the middle of my fuel cell upgrade right now so off to the parts store for some 5/8 hose Ohh, and why is it when you need to drill holes the damn battery is always dead and you have to charge the drill while twioddling your thumbs for the next 1/2hr+?
  11. Thats what Im hoping but its not going to be super easy without cold temps. I dont know fo anyone else doing ti with my cubes and 5psi in a 4wd ext.cab so I wasnt sure it could be done till I saw my current MPH Im not running meth yet. I have an AlkyControl kit sitting at the shop from my old STS kit. Im trying to get around having to use it though as it clutters up the engine bay but if I end up running 12s on 5psi then I may tyry the next size pulley and then I would probably need the meth to get the full potential out of the upgrade. It would be pretty sweet to get near my STS times wi
  12. I want to do that as well. I already have switches in the dash that I am not using anymore so I might as well run a wire up there. I know what you mean though. It was so bad Sat. night that I was pouring bottled water onto the ridges of the blower to help wick away heat. Lame I know but it was better than nothing. Just sucked sitting there knowing the blower and its coolant was hot and the H/E was cool.
  13. F8L Z71

    Racing Old School

    Very nice mph! Why is the ET so high though in comparison? I mean I see the 60' is on the high side but is the stall too small? Lack of bottom end?
  14. thanks guys. There is still a lot left in it with the current pulley so I'll continue to work on that and see if I can get in the 12s that way. I just bought a 3ga fuel cell to mount in the bed to replace the tiny Radix coolant reservoir and so I can fill it with tons of ice Im going to just launch off idle form now one and will work on the temp vs grms/cyl tables and see if I can keep the KR down as well as change out this lame converter so my 60s will come down as much as they can with the 80Es horrible 1st gear.
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