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  1. Chuck will get you taken care of, K. Honestly though, with as much power as you are pounding out, it's time for an 80. A lot of things go on in there. My last failure was caused by the sprag turning over (nothing Chuck or anyone can do about that), which then built up heat in the tranny and took out a bunch of stuff. I'm willing to bet that the hole you see isn't a cause, but a result. Get it up there to Chuck and let him dig in In any case, the fact the Chuck honors his warrantee regardless of your hp level, says a lot. He'll get you back on the road.
  2. Boat/car hauler <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You've got great taste in cars man!
  3. Down here a pop is a guy at least 30 years older than you, or your dad.
  4. On PT.net, a GM tech posted the required torque on NBS truck lugs was 140 ft/lbs. He gave no reference for this number, however, and knowing Steve, he's got one...
  5. Ah nice. I'm in Oviedo. XGMTech is in Sanford ;)
  6. my pleasure man Keep me posted as you get it together!
  7. John at Speartech can handle the harness for you. If you are willing to go to a manual t-case, the swap is pretty easy (just changing to 4wd involves sliding under the truck ). You will also need your tranny section of the OS flashed.
  8. That could be real fun -- especially with a 3" chop
  9. I have to agree on this one... My wifes from the south and damn we can go through some sugar for some sweet tea... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Brown sugar too I bet ;)
  10. Yeah, they don't bolt straight up with the bt hangers, but it only requires a little cutting to fix ;) Or you can send 'em to Calvert and for $75-100 or so they will notch them and repowder coat them (I just painted it) I think CTs would help an AWD truck with traction problems. Most of the lost traction I saw was from getting too much front lift and then spinning the fronts, then rears (was pretty cool actually -- wish I had some video). I was planning on strapping my front axle like Parish did and then adding CTs if still needed, but then I switched to 2wd anyway...
  11. Oh and #16: If someone offers you tea, it's sweet. Don't you dare ask for unsweetened ;P
  12. Amen. I love to hear: "And you sugar?" "I'll have a coke." "Sure thing baby. What kind?" "Coke." "Comin' up, hon."
  13. Cold front in Florida....... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah it got down to 97* Question for you S FL guys. Does Moroso still prep the whole track every night or have they fallen into the FL thing of no track prep at all unless its an NHRA weekend, and then only the front 1/8th?
  14. You will have a lot of fun. You might look for an 01-03 Z06 (probably close to the same price, and night and day more fun). Are you in Orlando (or named Orlando?)
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