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  1. I have a sale pending locally for the bumper cover and pads...Will let you know if it falls through. Joe Gibbs door emblems still for sale........80 bucks shipped..to the U.S.
  2. ss badges are SOLD.... Other items are still for sale
  3. WOW, I just notcied your're in Canada...LOL Shipping might be outrageoust to ship it there. I'll check though.
  4. sorry guys but please bear with me as I really don't know how to figure out the cost of shipping as I never sent anything large before. I'll try and get shipping cost soon though. Thanks for the inquiries.
  5. with the BNIB upper and lower step pads. Only reason I am selling really cheap is because of the shipping cost from HI will be expensive. I just want it out of my house.
  6. Got a brand new set of chrome OEM SS badges, brand new, never mounted. This is a set of 4...2 door, 1 tailgate, and 1 dash. Was keeping it for a future build but don't need it any more. I want $200 shipped for it. Also got 2 rare Joe Gibbs door badges from a JG silverado that I'm not going to use. 100 bucks shipped used rear SS bumper cover and brand new step pads (upper and lower). Just the cover and no brackets, etc. Got some light scratches on it. Black color . I bought this for (believe it or not) 450 bucks (due to shipping). All I want for it is 50 bucks and you pay shipping.
  7. I got a set that I never used. I just have to find them. I know that I have at least the 3 main ones. I just need to find the dash one. I don't klnow about sending them to london though. I'm all the way in hawaii. pm me with offers
  8. If I remember correctly, I might have paid around two hundred for shipping to Hawaii. Thats what I meant by an arm and leg. Just seems like a waste that I'm not going to use it.
  9. I have one. Its missing the grill insert and emblem though. no mounting hardware. Its just the bare cover, nothing else. Will cost an arm and leg for shipping though. I bought a while ago and never installed it. I bought it for 595.00 plus shipping. make me an reasonable offer.
  10. I'll buy them if you can figure out the shipping. I don't know how to figure the cost. thanks, shannon
  11. I'm interested. can you send me pics? and how much to ship to hawaii? email is [email protected] zip code is 96789. thanks, shannon
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