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  1. Just in case.. I dropped the price again today.. $15,995...
  2. Yeah true... wish I lived closer to work.. haha. Driving from Thousand Oaks to Venice every day will pile those miles on.
  3. I just dropped the price of mine.. registered in Cali until Oct of next year and just passed smog to sell it a week or two ago. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.ph...mp;?do=findComment&comment=663320
  4. Yeah I can do that... Let me get you the specs of the cover and a price.
  5. Typically doesn't the insurance company own the recovered car if it's been stripped and recovered? That is.. if they pay out money and total it? Bad aSS Silvy had his black ss recovered stripped about a month ago...
  6. Yeah.. it's on CL too but I "thought" I'd get extra exposure on Autotrader. Boy was I wrong.
  7. Anyone have experience selling on Autotrader? I posted this 2 weeks ago and it took almost 5 days to get the ad up, 3 days to get the ad correct and 1 day of my life was wasted dealing with them. They have to have the worst customer service ever....
  8. Yup.. just paid mine... $475... even more annoying was I paid my Prius registration at the same time... $350! Lame.
  9. Update... Just paid the new registration and got the smog check cert.... all ready to go to a nice home :-) I hate to sell this truck but starting a new family is expensive so I only ask she goes to a good home. You can call Scott at 805-338-2662 if you're interested... please leave a message if I don't answer and I'll get back to you asap. Beautiful condition 2004 Chevy Silverado SS: Asking $18,995 Listen to the sound here... ( ) Black with gray leather int. Fully loaded with all the options available to the SS in 2003 when the truck was purchased. Tow Kit LoJack Premium
  10. Hey guys.. thanks for the kind words! I'm super depressed about giving up the SSS but I'd be so happy to know it went to someone here that knows what they're doing. Like I told Aaron the other day.. not some kid who's going to put it through a wall next week. Again.. THANKS Alan for that housing... you rock! :-) Oh.. and the B&B is the true dual rear exit... sounds amazing with the TOG headers.
  11. Just saw this and thought it was funny. Forgive me if it's already been posted.
  12. hey no worries man.... I know it's a lot of money to have up in the air. We could always use an escrow site to make sure it all goes down proper. If you can't sell it let me know.... Thanks!!
  13. just checking to see if this has sold or is still available... please do keep me in mind if payments become an option :-)
  14. Man thats a really good deal. I'm in the middle of building a house or I'd buy it right now. Haha.. if you get to the point where you'd consider payments of like $200 a month or something let me know ;-)
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