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  1. STS is making deals right now... GT67, Intercooler, 44# Injectors, Boost A Pump, Dual Electronic Boost Control all for about $4,500.00 To Your Door. Just something to think about when pricing this.
  2. I checked out the XR265HR by comp cams. Theres a test mule LS1 that made peak numbers right at 6,000rpm with the 265hr, we have a few more cubes and we're not all aluminum, would we see like numbers on LQ9 with a head, TB and MAFF Upgrade?
  3. 225cc LS1 Mongoose Strip Head The Ultimate Bolt-On Emission Legal Street/Strip Weapon For the maximum street/strip LS1/LS6 aluminum cylinder head AFR’s all new 225cc emission legal head E/O #D250-4 are hands down the best choice. Specifically designed for 1995 to present Gen-3 Chevy Corvettes, Camaros, and trucks. AFR’s LS1 head offers unmatched flow performance and features 2.080 intake and 1.600 exhaust valves with AFR’s iron ductile interlocking valve seats. The 225cc is ideal for normally aspirated 396C.I. to 427C.I. For a wild 346 ci the 225 is a good choice, however some low RPM loss
  4. So who's running the Squires Turbo? I've been offered the Squires with the upgraded GT67, intercooler, Boost a Pump and 42# Injectors for a song and a dance or two, I might actually have to marry his ugly daughter but its all good, that's why they make dimmer swithes right? This system should produce around 9Pounds at the manifold, it seems to be an ok system and a big bang for the buck. Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated
  5. Wonderful State of California Emissions ... Any Suggestions on a cam upgrade that will squeak by? From what I understand our cam specs are as follows 6.0 LQ9 207/196 int/exh @ 0.05" duration 0.479" / 0.467" int/exh lift 116 LSA I'm also upgrading to the AFR Mongoose 72cc Heads and the vortech is still coming. What I found for Our Head Numbers Stock 6.0 Heads Chamber 71.0 cc 0.100 0.200 0.300 0.400 0.500 0.550 0.600 Intake 66 142 196 228 236 238 240 Exhaust 59 104 137 155 167 173 177 Va
  6. I ran mine Stock off the showroom floor at Los Angeles County Raceway, 58 Degree's and 3000 Feet of Elevation My best time was 15.43 Installed the VaraRam hit the track 4 weeks later with the same temp and only pulled 2 tenths better Corrected I was a 14.86, which they claim our trucks run stock. That was also Foot Braking at 2200RPM and Shifting at 5,800RPM. I wasn't all that impressed with the Vara Ram, but my gas mileage got better by 2 miles per gallon on the highway. That's a plus I guess
  7. Funny how that email pretty much describes right where I'm at (except I have the Walbro pump for Magnuson). I just ordered 60 pounders and the injector pigtails yesterday. If you go to a voltage booster I would do the magnuson one. It only drives voltage to 17.4 volts (and only at 3 psi or above) so it shouldn't be as likely to kill your pump like one that goes to 22 volts or so. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> On the Walbro Pump, is it the #342 255LPH? Magnuson voltage Booster at 17.4, can I order this from Magnuson or is it only in kit form? With these two upgrades I wo
  8. Zippy, just wanted to give you a quick update on what I came up with using true ignorance and dumb questions.... Hello Nathan, Bryan (PCM for LESS) says that you can get by with the stock pump at up to 8 psi max. There will be a fuel pressure drop that Bryan will have to tune around, he will have the injectors (43LB) at almost 100% duty cycle. Beyond 8 psi you would need a Kenny Bell Boost a Pump. It is ashamed that GM changed the fuel system in '04 so you cannot use a supplemental pump. I have sold a fair number of systems at 8 psi. Thanks, Mike Adkins Owner of www.S
  9. I'm just curious to if anyone has procharged an '04 and how they did it... Fuel Pumps, Tuning, Injectors, Intercoolers, ETC.? and if anyone has run the wideband on it for the O2... From Zippy's Research on the '03 Fuel problems and running lean and the '04's being a different animal, I just wanted to get all of my ducks in a row prior to installing mine. I've been told to loose the Fuel Pusher Pump and FMU, Install 42LB Injectors and a custom tune from Bryan over at PCM For Less, but I'm not sure how to feed it the fuel it needs at higher RPM... HELP!
  10. '03's seem to be mechanical driven as far as boosting the fuel to drive the 42LB Injectors that come standard with the Radix Systems and what we procharger guys end up installing after the fact. The '03's need to have some form of fuel pump assister (In essence, a 2nd fuel pump) either in line or in tank. The '04's seem to be more about the Manifold Pressure being sensed by the PCM and adjusting the system to compinsate to maintain the constant pressure needed. Has anyone had any experience in this, or am I going to Guinea Pig This?
  11. I'll keep you updated on how it goes... I'm also picking up a wideband to make sure I'm not going lean with the 42LB Injectors. Does the radix come with a fuel pump enhancing type system or just the 42LB injectors and Program? If it doesn't, would the ATI pusher pump work for getting the radix guys (2.80") under 13:1 at the shifts
  12. You're wrong. All SS's, all years, come with a 4L65E. Although, I will use your description of it - a HD 4L60E. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 24221888 - 4L65-E Four speed rear-wheel-drive, electronically controlled, automatic overdrive transmission with a torque converter clutch. GM Hydramatic has baked even more technology enhancements into the automatic transmission line up with the new 4L65E. This transmission, the latest creation from GM Hydramatic Motorsports, is a four speed, offering all the latest heavy duty components to stand up to the power of the LS6-405 HP Corvette en
  13. This is what the procharger techs say for a stock truck with only the procharger. If you have an exhaust that is free flowing than you will measure less boost. Basically you wont measure 9 psi with an exhaust. It would take a smaller pulley, 3.6"-3.8" to get the 9 psi with exhaust. Me for example, I have no cats, and 40 series flowmasters with a 3.7" pulley and I barely peak 9 somtimes, at shifts. This could also be because of a slipping belt, and or worn belt. Just food for thought. ;) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i dont understand that i have no headers or anyt
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