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  1. Did the issue start after you did any modification or just out of no where?
  2. New rims Looks great! Are they 20s? what kind & size rubber you putting on? Pioneer ? Very clean interior! Glad you posted up!
  3. Oh yeah, I had the same exact problem! Driving and all of a sudden the cluster goes dark & needles lay down, then they click back on, go all the way to the right & then back Left. After I put a new battery in there, it hasn’t happened again. And food for thought, while you’re in the gauge cluster repairing you might as well go ahead & swap out all the stepper motors so everything is new. You can order the stepper motors & LEDs for like &20-$25 from “GM Gauge Repair” (I believe that’s the name it’s been so long ago.” That’s what I did & I’m very happy with the outcome. R
  4. What kind of repairs are you having to do??
  5. Super clean! Looks great! Any updates??
  6. Truck looks great! Love the hood! I went to Traverse last year. Beautiful place.
  7. I would definitely not go with low profile tires. They ride terrible. As for changing your rims black, there’s a few options: PlastiDip, Vinyl Wrap, & spray paint. PlastiDip is good because you can always remove it later if needed. Wrapping them in vinyl is a super cheap way to go IF you can do it yourself, otherwise some places can charge $100 a wheel! And painting them yourself is a cheap & easy way, but just remember to take your time, prep correctly & do plenty of coats. Let us know what you decide!
  8. Standing_Arnold

    06' SS

    I think those are the Tahoe rims. Not sure about that gauge face but I got my Escalade one & blue/satin needles from eBay & the cluster bezel from American trucks
  9. I used a heat gun & dental floss to remove mine. Then used this eraser wheel to get rid of the glue. It’s a knock off version of 3M’s $60 one. Looks a lot cleaner.
  10. What do the chrome 22”s look like & where are you located?
  11. That’s one sexy ass engine bay!!
  12. Damn! I’m glad you got it figured out though! When I bought mine, first thing I did was take it to have everything gone through & its a great thing I did because there was very little fluid in the transfer case & had yoke knock, but after filling up & greasing it’s all good. You’re truck looks good. I am a couple hours north of you. I go to Jacksonville pretty frequently, maybe we could get up sometime. Shoot me a message if there is ever any shows or anything down there you’re going to & I’ll try to make it!
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