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  1. 2003 Silverado SS Truck is stock except a CAI, TrailBlazer SS intake manifold and BBK shorty headers. I am planning to install a stage 2 BTR cam and get a tune done in a month or so. I am hoping to gain 50hp, without losing much down low as it does see some miles towing the trailer. Best bang for the ??
  2. I’ve had three of them and have logged close to 400,000 kms on them. First one I ran premium,but when oil hit $140/bbl,I switched to regular. Trucks seemed to run a the same on regular, don’t notice a difference in power and maybe 1mpg on the highway.
  3. Long time lurker, first post. I’m looking to get a little more grunt out of the engine without breaking the bank. Truck pulls the trailer great but could use a little help when climbing hills. Here is what I’m thinking: air intake, BTR Torque cam, Shorty headers (keep costs down) and a tune. I live in Canada and a set of long tubes and Y-pipes is $2500 plus install, more than I’m wanting to spend. The BTR cam is getting 20ft-lbs more torque at 2500 RPM out of a 5.3L engine and 50+ HP at 5000 RPM, but I’m more interested in the low RPM torque gains. Thoughts/advice?
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