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  1. Whats a good corsla muffler. Either 2in 2out or 1in 1out. Part number please
  2. Lol yeah I feel ya. I got a snap on Solus that I used. I’m ASE Ford certified. I might just call them up and have them run my vin number to see. Thank u for the input.
  3. Every morning I start my car I get several warning messages. Check air bag. Washer fluid low. And a few others. No DTC found. No lights on in the dash either. Really getting tired of clearing them out so I can see my odometer. Any one run past this before?
  4. Here is pics of the truck. I added the new wheels and tires a few days ago I bought it from Pontotoc Mississippi. Original owner was from Kentucky so as Im told. https://imgur.com/gallery/1Z1lY
  5. Jcox


    Whats lug pattern for 04 SSS
  6. Trying to figure out how. New to the forum stuff lol
  7. Picked up a 04 SSS yesterday. Love it. Its tuned. Procharged. Comp cam. Long tubes and true duals. Has a stock intake and TB debating between a hi ram or a 92mm Lsxr intake. After new intake will get it tuned again by a local. Any recordsommendations on this. Also dont know cam size hopefully soon I can tear off the valve covers and intake and measure duration/lift. Thanks for the add. Happy to be a part of the group.
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