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  1. These sound interesting, but I'm unable to see the pictures at the start of the thread. Can someone post up their install? Also, anything left out of the last stock mentioned above?
  2. Thank you! It's looking like many forums look these days, or at least the ones that also have facebook pages as well. A lot more activity on there, but I'm still finding a lot of great information on here already. Thanks! I'm certain the depth of the SS pit won't compare in size to that of my Subaru money pits and the toils of keeping turbocharged boxer engines from eating themselves hahaha! Thanks! I'm assuming you were up into Ontario to pick it up then? That must have been a lot of fun. Congrats on your purchase!
  3. Well I finally got my hands on a SSS! I've wanted one for a long time, but was a broke ass apprentice way back when they were new and I never made it happen until now. It's an 05 and I bought it back in February with minor modifications. A protune,K&N drop in with the Air Raid MIT, Granatelli Motor Sports MAF, Helix TB Spacer, MSD 8mm wires, JBA Shortie headers, dual exhaust with Black Widow Race Venoms, the 4L65E has a shift kit installed, and it also has a Belltech 2 & 2 drop. For the exterior it's obviously sitting on Sierra All Terrain 20's (for now), has a Raider lo-rider box cov
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