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  1. Looking for some center caps as well do you have any Rays B4U?
  2. I'll have the shop check the hub bearings and see where it goes from there Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  3. Right on, yesterday I had a small scare with this trans, basically I put it into 3rd when I realized I did I bumped it into dive as I'm getting home i hit traffic on the off ramp then I the gas and 2nd gear starts slipping I'm like WTF I then check if it's completely in drive and no it wasn't, it was in between drive and neutral. I was already thinking man I'm going to need a trans also? But luckily I had just bumped it a little to far Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  4. Right on... Yeah mine doesn't growl it's just a humming above 40 with light acceleration, once I let go off the gas pedal it's quiet. And yes you're right since i bought it from a dealer the maintenance history is not available so I got an oil change a few days ago and I'm going to take it into the shop to get the transmission and transfer case serviced also flush the brake fluid and power steering etc etc si that way I have records of all that and also get the differential or both fixed, I don't feel to confident to do that on my own and I really don't have the time either. Also I've heard/r
  5. This one basically starts with a whining around 40 mph while accelerating up until 65-70 mph, but if you let go of the accelerator or just cruise in that range it will stop whining Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  6. The interior and the diff growl are the main things on my list (although my diff does the growling driving in a straight line I haven't tried it while turning) I also want to get the cluster and interior switched over to L.E.D. lighting and was wondering if there was a kit for this truck?? Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah it is different I have a 91 civic SI and today was the forest time I drove it since I got the truck and man does it feel different i feel like I'm riding a go-kart since it's pretty much almost sitting on the ground, which is something that I want to do to the truck also but I don't know how can I lower it before needing to c-notch the frame Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  8. Oh okay that makes sense. Hey are the interiors on this truck the same color as all the other trim levels like an LS, LT etc? Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk Thank you. Yes the MPGs are defiantly different but so is the power LoL Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  9. Okay because this one has regular headrests (with tv's) so I think they might have changed the SS ones for some regular ones to put the tv's IDK Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  10. I also need to figure out how to work this app to get notifications since I didn't realize there was replies till I checked the thread manually Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  11. Actually the seat warmers work, the truck in general needs some work. It has a noise coming from the front diff for sure but it's kind of hard to tell if the rear one is also bad Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  12. I'm kind of curious did this year come with the SS logo on the headrests? Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome, it seems that they put suede on the headliner and visors and I'm guessing it started falling off so they just ripped it out Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  14. Hi, finally became an owner of a V8 and and Silverado SS at that. I'm very happy with my purchase although out needs a little TLC but I'm happy with it, coming from a Honda it's a whole different world it seems, don't get me wrong I like my Honda but I'm liking this truck even more. Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
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