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  1. Well, 14hr drive so not horrible, if you want PM me what you have available, condition mlg etc. And price and we'll see where it goes
  2. http://www.chevrolet.com/trucks/colorado-zr2-off-road-truck Just need a Silverado ZR2 and we're almost there! I just made my own....was way cheaper
  3. Where at? Might be worth he trip....sorry for your loss
  4. Ya I just need it to last a little while longer, planning to pull the transmission this summer and rebuild both. Might pick up a blown engine this weekend. Would be nice to drop in a freshly rebuilt engine at the same time...
  5. That's what I paid for mine in Canada, it was safety and emission tested for the road which that alone is worth a few bucks...Same mlg as yours, some rust dings and scratches....also some shady spray painting touch ups....but that's what I wanted because I had plans to install fiberglass fenders all around... People want big bucks for clean ones. At $4500 you're paying for a working driver train that came with a truck Welcome
  6. Update, swapped out the DexVI for Auto Trak II....seems much better.
  7. I've recently found out that is does both! Just not slow crawling type stuff....
  8. yuk that thing is nasty, but means mine is worth at least double that though! Anyways, that's kinda the direction I went but kept it as SS looking as I could.
  9. I think what he means is Deegan 38. They have an A/T and a M/T version. The A/T is very Street a bowl and is something you would see on a brand new Z 71. I have the M/T version and they are very aggressive but awesome in the snow and ice as well as Offroad but as one would expect they are noisy Also depending on what size you pick they might be LT tires which makes them much heavier and harder ride. Look up my album you'll see my Offroad SS with Nitto Terra Grapplers. Attached is a crappy pic of degan 38 M/T. I'm running 35x12.5x20 tires on stock rims, which cannot be done on a stock truck
  10. HELP: I run 35" tires, truck barely gets used and will most likely have a stock engine for a while. Might get bolts on and cam in th future, or a cheap low boost supercharger if ever I find a free or cheap one. Truck will see some towing a few times ahead, enclosed car hauler, which will likely max out the truck's capacity. I want a quick, firm and confident transmission shift but not a harsh one. Open do 4L80E but it's pretty involved, i have a buddy who is a GM transmission tech willing to build rebuild mine anytime, I that itbt need to happen soon. What do I need?!?!
  11. Can you look up my album though my profile? Got all the pics there...I looks good because 4" wheel spacers. But would rather have the spindles mounted 4" instead. Steering axis would be better
  12. Oh y'a that's right! Thanks And back to bump stops lol
  13. Huh, didn't not know this. What's different from the Tahoe bar?
  14. I've searched up and down the googles and no luck. I have wide fenders and 4" wheel spacers to finish off the look, on stock wheels. Well this causes rubbing in the foot wells as the wheel travel is huge now, just like running big offset wheels. I can only turn the steering one revolution which sucks in tight spots. Anyways, a long travel prerunner suspension kit would solve that but also cause a divorce as it's very expensive. Is there any control arms built for this? Simply a wider stanced setup. Obviously would need to lengthen front axles and brake lines, tie-rods etc but that's
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