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  1. Nope just started acting up the other day. I don't know who originally programmed this truck... Code reader says I have a short or bad ground. I'll look into that PCM and BCM thanks for the feedback.
  2. Anyone had trouble with their SSS showing UNKNOWN DRIVER?? When this happens my oil pressure, gas, battery and temp gauges don't work as well as power windows or locks.
  3. I looked up that EVAP canister for my truck but shows that part don't apply? Think it's 02 and before that have those. Not real sure... does the 04 model have them?
  4. Thanks Guys. Its just odd how my Z71 will pump fine at these stations. But the TBSS and SSS both give me fits ha!
  5. Anyone else have trouble pumping gas? If I don't go super slow it just clicks off over and over takes forever to fill up!
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